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Posted on Thursday, January 5th, 2012 at 9:34 am
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Smartsource Sunday Coupon Insert 1/8

Smartsource coupon insert #1
Afrin Save $2/1 nasal spray (2/5)
Airborne Save $2/1 product (4/1)
Barilla Save $.55/1 whole grain pasta (3/4)
Bausch+Lomb Save $5/1 Ocuvite product (3/31)
Benefiber Save $1/1 product (2/25)
Benefiber Save $5/2 products (2/25)
Benefiber/Gas-X/Prevacid 24HR/Maalox Advanced Save $3/2 products (2/29)
BIC B1G1 free disposable razor up to Save $6.99 (2/5)
Biotrue Save $1/1 multi-purpose solution (2/8)
Biotrue Save $3/1 twin pack multi-purpose solution (2/8)
Bob Harper’s Save $5/1 Smart Weight Loss 72ct (3/8)
Boca Save $1/2 packages of meatless product (3/4)
Cepacol Save $1/1 product (2/19)
Cream of Wheat Save $1/2 packages 11oz+ (3/31)
Delsym Save $1/1 children’s or adult product (2/29)
Dole Save $.75/1 All Natural Fruit in 100% Juice (3/31)
Dole Save $.75/2 Fruit Bowls Fruit in 100% Juice (3/31)
Dole Save $1/2 frozen fruit single-serve cups (4/1)
Eatsmart Save $1/1 4oz+ naturals snack (2/29)
Excedrin Save $1.50/1 80ct+ product (2/25)
Excedrin Save $1/1 20ct+ product (2/25)
Foster Farms Save $1/1 boneless & skinless fresh chicken breast item dnd (3/31)
Gas-X Save $1/1 Prevention product (4/14)
Gas-X Save $1/1 product (4/14)
Glucerna Save $2.50/2 products (2/29)
Glucerna Save $3/1 Hunger Smart product (2/29)
Hershey’s Save $1/2 Kisses 9.4oz+ (2/8)
Hershey’s Free Air Delight aerated milk chocolate bar wyb any milk chocolate bar up to Save $1.19 (2/8)
Hormel Save $.50/1 Natural Choice deli sandwich meat (3/2)
Hunt’s/Sara Lee Save $1/both Manwich 15.5oz can AND Soft & Smooth whole grain white or wheat buns (2/28)
International Delight Save $.75/1 pint or quart (2/28)
International Delight Save $1/1 coffee creamer singles (2/28)
Jamba Save $1/2 8oz frozen smoothies (3/31)
JELL-O Save $.60/1 refrigerated snacks (2/28)
Ken’s Save $1/1 16oz dressing (2/28)
La Victoria Save $1.50/3 products 12pz+ (3/4)
Maalox Advanced Save $1/1 product (4/7)
Maalox Advanced Save $2.50/2 products (4/7)
Mariani Save $.50/1 dried fruit snack dnd (2/29)
Method Save $1/1 dish product (3/31)
Method Save $2/1 laundry product (3/31)
Mitchum Save $.75/1 men or women ets (2/12)
Nabisco Save $2/3 Honey Maid, Newtons, Ritz Crackerfuls, Teddy Grahams, Snack Well’s, Wheat Thins, 100 Cal and Triscuit dnd (1/27)
Nature’s Bounty Save $1/1 vitamin or supplement (2/21)
Nature’s Bounty Save $2/1 Hair, Skin and Nails (2/21)
Nature’s Bounty Save $3/1 Fish Oil supplement (2/21)
Odwalla Save $.15/1 bar (4/15)
Odwalla Save $.55/1 12 fl oz beverage (4/15)
Planters Save $1/1 NUT-rition product 8.75-10.25oz dnd (3/31)
Prevacid Save $7/2 28ct or 42ct 24HR products (1/28)
Purina Save $1.50/10 cans of ALPO (2/20)
Purina Save $2/1 8ct+ variety pack of ALPO (2/20)
Purina Save $2/2 Beggin’ (4/8)
Purina Save $2/2 Busy (4/8)
Resolve Save $.75/1 carpet cleaner (2/29)
Resolve Save $3/1 Easy Clean carpet cleaner (2/29)
Scrubbing Bubbles Save $2/2 One Step Toilet Bowl cleaner refills (2/28)
Scrubbing Bubbles Save $4/1 One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner starter kit (2/18)
Smart Balance Save $.75/1 cooking oil or cooking spray (2/22)
Smart Balance Save $.75/1 omega plus light mayonnaise dressing (2/22)
Smart Balance Save $.75/1 rich roast peanut butters (2/22)
Smart Balance Save $1/1 enhanced milk (2/22)
Smart Balance Save $1/2 buttery spreads or buttery sticks (2/22)
Sunsweet Save $.55/1 Plumsmart or Plumsmart Light dnd (3/31/11)
TENA Save $1/1 product (4/30)
The Laughing Cow/Mini Babybel Save $1/2 (3/31)
Trident Save $1/3 single packs (3/4)

Smartsource coupon insert #2
Aveeno Save $1/1 hand & body lotion or Baby product excludes trial and 2.5oz sizes (2/29)
Aveeno Save $2/1 facial care product excludes trial sizes and cleansing bars (2/29)
Aveeno Save $2/1 hair care or body wash product ets (2/29)
Band-Aid/Neosporin Save $1.50/both Neosporin AND Band-Aid products ets (3/31)
Bengay Save $2/1 product ets (4/1)
BIC Save $1/1 stationery product (2/15)
Birds Eye Save $.50/1 Steamfresh Chef’s favorites variety (2/26)
Campbell’s Save $.40/2 condensed soups excluding chicken noodle, tomato and Great for Cooking coups (3/15)
Campbell’s Save $.40/4 condensed chicken noodle & tomato soups (3/15)
Campbell’s Save $.50/2 microwavable bowls or Soup at Hand varieties (3/15)
Campbell’s Save $1/1 Slow Kettle style soup (2/19)
Campbell’s Save $1/2 cans or bowls of Chunky soup or Chunky Chili (2/19)
Campbell’s Save $1/2 cans or bowls of Select Harvest soup (2/19)
Carefree Save $.50/1 product excludes 18-22ct (2/15)
Clean & Clear Save $2/1 product ets (2/29)
Cortaid Save $3/1 product ets (3/31)
Destin Save $1/1 product ets (2/19)
Golden Grain Save $1/2 pasta (2/29)
Green Works Save $.50/1 product (2/19)
Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Save $3/3 products ets and first aid kits (3/31)
Johnson’s Save $1/1 baby product excludes 1oz-4oz sizes (2/19)
K-Y Save $3/1 product ets (3/31)
Lactaid Save $2.50/1 Fast Act dietary supplement 32ct+ (3/31)
Listerine Save $.50/1 Antiseptic 1L+ or Zero mouthwash 1L+ (3/31)
Listerine Save $1/1 Total Care mouthwash 1L, Restoring mouthwash 1L or Advanced mouthwash 1L+ (3/31)
Listerine Save $1/1 Whitening rinse product 16 fl oz+ (3/31)
Listerine/Reach Save $1/1 Smart Rinse mouthwash 500mL, Agent Cool Blue tinting rinse 500mL or Reach kids toothbrush (3/31)
Lubriderm Save $2/1 16 fl oz, 13.5 fl oz or 8 fl oz product ets (2/29)
Marzetti Save $1.50/1 Simply Dressed salad dressing (2/29)
Nature Made Save $2/1 fish oil 1200mg (2/15)
Neosporin Save $1/1 lip health product ets (3/31)
Neutrogena Save $1.50/1 skin care or hair care product excluding suncare, bar soap and facial moisturizing treatments (3/31)
Neutrogena Save $1/1 lip or eye makeup product ets (3/31)
Neutrogena Save $2/1 face makeup product ets (3/31)
Neutrogena Save $2/1 facial moisturizing treatment ets (3/31)
o.b. Save $1/1 product ets (2/15)
Onetouch Save $10/2 Meter (3/31)
Onetouch Save $4/1 Ultra Blue test strips 25ct (3/31)
Philips Sonicare Save $10/1 rechargeable toothbrush or AirFloss excludes Xtreme (3/31)
Philips Sonicare Save $15/1 DiamondClean, FlexCare+ or FlexCare rechargeable toothbrush (3/31)
Philips Sonicare Save $5/1 brush heads or Xtreme toothbrush (3/31)
POM Save $1/1 Wondeful dnd (3/31)
Post Save $.55/1 Pebbles treats (2/26)
Post-it Save $1 off Super Sticky notes purchase of Save $5 or more (3/5)
Post-it Save $2 off Label Product purchase of Save $5 or more (3/5)
Post-it Save $2 off Note Dispenser purchase of Save $5 or more (3/5)
Post-it Save $2 off Tab, Flag, or Pocket product purchase of Save $5 or more (3/5)
Prego Save $.75/2 jars of Italian sauce (3/31)
Prego Save $.75/2 jars of Smart Italian sauce (3/31)
RoC Save $3/1 anti-aging product ets (2/29)
Rogaine Save $10/1 hair re-growth treatment product ets (4/1)
Schick Save $1/1 disposable razor pack not valid on 2 count (2/29)
Schick Save $3/2 disposable razor packs not valid on 2 count (2/19)
Schiff Save $5/1 Move Free product (4/30)
Science Diet Save $1/4 13oz cans or Save $1/4 5.5oz light cans or Save $1/1 Simple Essentials Light treats (2/29)
Science Diet Save $3/1 light cat food 7lb+ or light dog food 15.5lb+ (2/29)
Science Diet 3 cans free wyb any dry cat food up to Save $3.90 (3/15)
Science Diet 3 cans free wyb any dry dog food up to Save $6 (3/15)
Scotch-Brite Save $.75/2 scrub sponge 3-packs (2/29)
Splenda Save $1/1 sugar blend, brown sugar blend or 200ct/9.7oz+ sweetener dnd (2/20)
Splenda Save $2/1 Essentials No Calorie Sweetener product dnd (2/20)
Stayfree B1G1 free on any product ets up to Save $4.49 (2/15)
Sunny Save $.55/2 products (3/31)
Swanson Save $.40/2 broth or stock carton (3/31)
Swanson Save $1/1 Flavor Boost concentrated broth (3/31)
Traditional Medicinals Save $1/1 tea (4/30)
Viactiv Save $2/1 Soft Chews dietary supplement product (3/31)
Visine Save $2/1 0.5 fl oz+ or Soothing Wipes product ets (4/1)

RedPlum Sunday Coupon Insert 1/8

RedPlum Coupon Preview
Always/Tampax Save $1/2 items TARGET COUPON (4/1)
Arrowhead Save $1/1 .5-liter 6pk or Save $1/2 1-liter bottles of sparkling mountain spring water (2/19)
Axe Save $1/1 4oz bodyspray, 2.7oz anti-perspirant and deodorant or 3oz deodorant ETS (2/4)
Axe B1G1 free shower gel or detailer up to Save $5.99 (1/22)
Beano Save $1/1 Meltaways (3/31)
Beano Save $1/1 product (3/31)
Clearblue Save $2.50/1 7-20ct ovulation test or 2-5ct pregnancy test TARGET COUPON (4/1)
Diabetic Tussin Save $1/1 8oz product (3/31)
Emerald Save $.75/1 Breakfast on the go! or canister 7.5oz+ (3/4)
Emerald Save $1/2 100 calorie packs (3/4)
FiberChoice Save $2/1 product (2/28)
Garnier Save $2/1 moisturizer (4/8)
Garnier Save $3/1 HerbaShine color creme (2/19)
Jimmy Dean Save $.55/1 product excluding rolls dnd (2/19)
Jimmy Dean Save $.55/2 rolls dnd (2/19)
Kettle Save $1/1 4oz bag Baked Potato Chips (3/17)
Kettle Save $1/1 8oz bag Reduced Fat Potato Chips (3/17)
Kibbles ‘n Bits Save $1/1 dry dog food (2/4)
L’Oreal Save $3/1 shade of Preference (3/4)
Maybelline New York Save $1/1 mascara (3/8)
Maybelline New York Save $2/1 face product (3/8)
MET-Rx Save $1/2 Big 100 or Protein Plus bars (2/29)
Multi-betic Save $2/1 diabetes multi-vitamin/mineral (3/31)
Nature’s Bounty Save $7/1 Co Q-10 Ubiquinol (2/21)
Newman’s Own Save $.75/1 lite salad dressing (2/18)
Pepto/Vicks/Prilosec Save $1/1 Pepto-Bismol, Vicks DayQuil, Vicks Vapo, Prilosec OTC or Vicks NyQuil TARGET COUPON (4/1)
PUR Save $5/both faucet-mount filter system AND 2pk replacement filter TARGET COUPON (4/1)
Pure Protein Save $1/1 powder or drink (2/18)
Pure Protein Save $1/2 bars (2/18)
Suave Save $.75/1 deodorant product ETS (2/5)
Suave Save $1/1 body lotion product 18oz+ ETS (2/5)
Suave Save $1/2 Kids hair products ETS (2/5)
Suave Save $1/2 Men hair products ETS (2/5)
Suave Save $1/2 Professionals hair products ETS (2/5)
Suave B2G1 free Naturals or Men body wash ETS up to Save $4 (2/5)
Truvia Save $.75/1 natural sweetener (5/31)
Truvia Save $1/1 natural sweetener (3/31)

Target Johnson & Johnson Sunday Coupon Insert 1/8

Target Johnson & Johnson Insert Coupons (Expire 1/14/12)

ACUVUE Buy 9 months of OASYS contact lenses, get 3 months free
Aveeno Save $1/1 18oz baby item
Aveeno/Neutrogena Save $1/1 hair care item ETS
Aveeno/Neutrogena Save $2/1 facial moisturizer item ETS
Aveeno/Neutrogena/Clean & Clear Save $1/1 facial cleanser or acne treatment excludes bars and trial sizes
Aveeno/Neutrogena/Lubriderm Save $1/1 hand or body skin care item ETS
Band-Aid Save $.25/1 6ct+ adhesive bandages ETS
Bengay Save $.50/1 3oz Zero Degrees menthol pain relief gel
Carefree Save $1/1 feminine care item ETS
Cortaid Save $.50/1 1.5oz advanced 12 hour anti-itch cream
Desitin Save $.50/1 4oz+ diaper rash treatment
Johnson’s Baby Save $.50/1 8oz+ bath or skin care item excludes shampoo and natural items
K-Y Save $.50/1 intimacy item
Lactaid Save $1/1 60ct ultra caplets
Listerine Save $.75/1 1 liter+ mouthwash
Neosporin Save $.50/1 original antibiotic ointment
Neutrogena Save $2/1 face cosmetic item excludes eye and lip items
o.b. Save $1/1 feminine care item ETS
OneTouch Save $10/1 blood glucose meter
Red Cross First Aid Save $.50/2 10yd 1/2″ waterproof tape
RoC Save $3/2 skin care items
Rogaine Save $3/1 topical solution or foam ETS
Splenda Save $1/1 80 or 100ct sweetener packs
Stayfree Save $1/1 feminine care item ETS
Tylenol Save $1.50/1 Precise pain relief item ETS
Viactiv Save $1/1 100ct calcium milk chocolate soft chews
Visine Save $.25/1 Totality multi-symptom eye drops
Zyrtec Save $2/1 12ct+ adult allergy relief item

Walmart Coupon Insert 1/8

Huggies Save $2/1 Snug & Dry Diapers ets dnd (2/4)
PULL-UPS Save $2/1 Training Pants ets dnd (2/4)
Huggies Save $3/1 Little Movers Slip-On Diapers 64ct+ dnd (2/4)
Goodnites Save $2/1 Underwear ets dnd (2/4)

General Mills Coupon Insert 1/8

General Mills Coupon Insert
Betty Crocker Save $.50/2 Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers or Fruit Roll-Ups (3/3)
Cereal Save $1/3 all varieties (2/18)
Chex Save $.50/2 4.5oz+ Mix or 100 Calorie Snack (3/3)
Fiber One Save $.40/1 90 Calorie Chewy Bars or 90 Calorie Brownies (3/3)
Fiber One Save $.40/1 Chewy Bars, 90 Calorie Chewy Bars or 90 Calorie Brownies (3/3)
Green Giant Save $.40/1 Just for One vegetables (3/3)
Green Giant Save $.60/3 frozen boxed vegetables (3/3)
Hamburger Helper Save $1/5 Home Cooked Skillet Meals (3/3)
Nature Valley Save $.75/2 Granola Bars 6ct+, Granola Nut Clusters or Granola Thins (3/3)
Pillsbury Save $.30/1 Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls (3/31)
Pillsbury Save $.30/2 Refrigerated Grands! Biscuits (3/31)
Pillsbury Save $.40/1 Crescent Dinner Rolls when you buy any Pizza crust, Breadsticks, Loaves or Dinner Rolls (3/31)
Pillsbury Save $.40/2 Crescent Dinner Rolls (3/31)
Pillsbury Save $.50/2 Toaster Strudel, Toaster Scrambles Pastries or Pancakes (3/31)
Pillsbury Save $.75/2 Refrigerated Cookie Dough (3/31)
Progresso Save $.50/1 Panko Crispy Bread Crumbs (3/3)
Progresso Save $1/4 soup cans (3/3)
Totino’s Save $.35/1 Rolls snacks (3/31)
Totino’s Save $.75/3 Crisp Crust Party Pizza products (3/31)
Treats Save $.50/1 Lucky Charms Treats, Golden Grahams Treats, Chex Mix Treats or Milk ‘n Cereal Bars (3/3)
Yoplait Save $.40/6 yogurt (3/3)
Yoplait Save $.75/1 Frozen Smoothie (3/3)
Yoplait Save $.75/1 Light Yogurt with Granola (3/3)
Yoplait Save $.75/2 Go-GURT, Kids Cup, Trix multipack or Splitz (3/3)


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