Free Printable Grocery Coupons for 1/4/2009
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Free Printable Grocery Coupons for 1/4/2009

Posted on Sunday, January 4th, 2009 at 10:06 am
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Our pantry is pretty well stocked right now because we did a big shop right before the holidays, but we still need to grocery shop for staples such as milk and eggs. My three kids go through so much milk that if our property weren’t mostly woods I would seriously be thinking of buying a cow. That is why I was excited to find some milk coupons for hormone-free milk. check them out as well as the rest of the printable grocery coupons I have found for you today.

Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms is offering multiple milk coupons on their website. There is $1 off of Over the Moon milk, 35 cents off of half and Half or cream (great for leftover pumpkin pie or for using in mashed potatoes) and 35 cents off of flavored milk (yum chocolate). Click below for the link.
Lehigh Valley Milk Coupons

Any basic inexpensive food can be livened up with sauces and spices. For example, take plain rice and turn it into a main part of your meal with some beans and tabasco sauce. You can also try the sauce on homemade pizza.
Get 50 cents off of Original Red Tabasco Sauce or any pepper sauce flavor.

Even in a tough economy, you can afford steak, as long as you have coupons. Chef’s request is offering $1 off steak coupons. You can find Chef’s Request at various grocery stores such as Wal-Mart and Krogers (they offer a list at their website.
Get $1 Off Chef’s Request Steak

For a quick snack, kids love pizza rolls. This is a high value coupon, $1 off of Tortinos Pizza Rolls. Since you can often find these for $1 a box, stock up for free!
Tortinos Pizza Rolls $1 Off

(Thanks to Hip2Save, where I found this one)
Eating healthier is always important to us. I’m glad that many pastas, an inexpensive food, are now coming with added fiber and protein. Here is a great coupon for Dreamfield Pasta. Get $1 off any box, so you can choose which healthy version you like.
$1 Off Dreamfield Pasta


Also, check out CoolSavings for more printable coupons![fc-brand 235]

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