Find Special Deals on Facebook
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Find Special Deals on Facebook

Posted on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 at 11:12 pm
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There are more companies getting interested in Facebook for their promotions and giveaways.  The Stacy’s Pita Chips free bag giveaway is now closed.  If you were lucky enough to become a fan of Stacys you’ll receive your coupon for a free bag in the mail in January.

More companies are jumping in, and finding that Facebook is a great way to learn who is paying attention to their product – and who will spread the word.

Right now on Facebook, you can get a coupon for a free pint of International Delight Creamer. Become a fan, and click on the tab that says “Holiday Giveaway” and fill in the form.

Get a coupon for $1 off Jimmy Dean Sausage on Facebook.  Click “become a fan” and enter your email.  They’ll email you a confirmation code, which you’ll then log back onto Facebook with and enter by clicking the become a fan link again.  Take it to Walmart, where the sausage is on sale for $2.

Why do manufacturers and retailers want you to be a fan on facebok?  It’s easy – the power of multiple social networks.  When you become a fan of a page for a product or service, it’s posted to your profile.  Your friends see the link, and think it might be a good idea.  So they then become “fans”.

Sometimes these sign ups, when they involve a free coupon, mean that you give your email or your snail mail address.  The company then knows who is interested in their product, who is buying it, and where. This is an incredible amount of market research that is accomplished very quickly, cheaply, and efficiently.  It is very targeted.

So it is a win-win. I like it, because I connect with friends a lot on Facebook, and I enjoy sharing deals among friends!

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