Coupon Madness - Save Those Inserts!
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Coupon Madness – Save Those Inserts!

Posted on Friday, March 6th, 2009 at 7:49 pm
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Our list for this week’s insert coupons is up here. Download the PDF.

The lists on our pdfs may not match what is in your local paper.  Smart Source and Red Plum target different locations with different coupons.  This list on our pdf this week comes from several sources in Ohio and various places in PA.

There aren’t a lot of coupons this week – but there are some!  It’s always worthwhile to clip them, save them, and then match them to deals in stores.

In my region, the One Touch Meter $15 coupon was featured in the inserts last week.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  Their test strips are preferred on my insurance.  So off I went to CVS today, with my coupons, and my ECBs.

Not a big trip – bought the meter, three cartons of Coke (3/$11) and some cat litter (which I had no more coupons for, drat!) The bill came to a little over $30.

With the coupon, the meter was free.

Coke was 3 for $11.  I used a Buy 1 Get one free coupon from My Coke Rewards. I also used a $1 coupon from My Coke Rewards.  That brought the Coke down to 3 for $6.34.

The cat litter was $4.99.  And there was tax.

I used $11 in ECBs.  And I paid 7 cents for $30+ worth of merchandise.

That’s the way we do it – EVERY DAY.

Following up on the problem with Valassis and the Red Plum inserts, it appears that they have taken note of the “grumbling” of us coupon users.  However, they are still going ahead with their plan to stop Red Plum inserts in some markets and sent coupons through the mail instead.  I personally don’t see how it is cost effective to mail the same number of coupons they insert into newspapers each week – and wonder how many households will be left out of the distribution alltogether.  VERY bad planning on their part.

If you SUBSCRIBED to the papers that Valassis has dropped, they are supposed to mail the coupons to you.  Well, on Sunday, if there are a lot of coupons I want in the paper, there’s the one paper I subscribe to – and then I stop at Walmart and pick up some more newspapers.  If Valassis stops advertising with my local papers, then that does me no good.  No more buying 4 or 5 papers to get the really good coupons as far as Valassis is concerned.

If you want to subscribe to your local paper to ensure that you are on a mailing list, check out the deals here for half off newspaper subscriptions.

Let me know in the comments section if you are missing Valassis inserts on Sunday and what you are doing about it.

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