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Getting Stuff for Free!

Posted on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008 at 12:22 pm
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The best price for anything is free! With the holiday season coming up, it is nice to have a few extra things on hand for stocking stuffers, gifts or just for practical use. I have a nice list of freebies for you today.  Go and check them out and treat yourself for free!

Free Mr Clean Mini Magic Eraser

That Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works hard in my house, from getting crayon stains off of the walls to freshening up our kitchen cabinets. If you love it as much as I do, get a free Mr. Clean Mini Magic Eraser when you tell someone else about its charms. Share the love.

Free Business/Home Cards

Free business cards are always fun to have, even if your business is staying home with the kids. I had some made up so I can have my contact information handy whenever I meet new friends. Get 250 business cards free. You will have to pay a small shipping charge, but it really is small). Click here to get started: 250 Free Business Cards.

Free American Baby Magazine

From eating for two to the terrible twos, American Baby has you covered with all sorts of great articles. Confession time. I still subscribe and my youngest no longer a baby. You can get a full subscription for free by clicking here: American Baby.

(By the way, MagazineLine is offering up to 85% off of top magazines right now!)

Free Coupon for Country Bob’s Sauce

Country Bob is giving away coupons for a free bottle of their All Purpose Sauce. Grocery freebies are the best in my opinion! You can use the sauce for your own meals or include it in a gift basket for a holiday gift. Click here and enjoy: Free Sauce.

Free Groceries

Ask and you shall receive! I was just writing about loving free groceries when this next offer popped up. You can get $10 worth of free groceries from Peapod. I always wanted to check this company out, and here is a way to do it without spending a dime. Click on the following link and use coupon code CJN10. Free Groceries!

This one is so good that I am posting it in our Free Stuff list over on the left.

Until next time!

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Using Cents-Off Coupons to Get Free Groceries

Posted on Thursday, November 13th, 2008 at 12:12 pm
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With a little bit of know-how and a few regular cents-off coupons, you can get some of your groceries for free. I’ll tell you how.

Feeding your family is a top priority that can be made more difficult with rising grocery prices. Fortunately, there are a few strategies that you can use to get some of your groceries for free. Let’s take a look at how those ordinary cents off coupons can get you free groceries.

Using cents-off coupons can almost be as though you were playing poker or bridge. You want to use that coupon at the exact right time to make it work the hardest for you and your grocery budget

The most valuable grocery coupons in my book are those that are anywhere from 75 cents to 99 cents off. I’ll explain a little more about this in a future post. For now, just gather those coupons up and read the following.

For our example, let us say that you have a coupon for 75 cents off of any size toothpaste, and your store normally doubles coupons. If you want something for free, wait to use that cents-off coupon until one or both of the following scenarios occurs:

The couple can be tripled. While most stores do double coupons, some stores only triple on certain days, while others offer triple coupons (to clip and combine with your regular coupons) every so often. Triple is the goal.

In this case, your 75 cents-off coupon is now worth $2.25 or the cost of a medium tube of toothpaste. Free! Or, if you can only double that coupon to $1.50, go for the sample size tube of toothpaste and get that one for free.

The item on the coupon is also on sale at the store.

In this case you can still double your coupon to $1.50. When toothpaste is on sale at 2 for $3 ($1.50 each), you’ll get it for free.

Don’t forget to check out the printable grocery coupons here at!

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