Getting Free Movies at Home
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Getting Free Movies at Home

Posted on Monday, January 12th, 2009 at 12:34 pm
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In my family, we really enjoy watching movies, whether they are on television or on DVD. We’ve been keeping up with the latest releases, all without spending a dime. Here are some of my favorite ways to enjoy free movies at home.

Before you even venture from your home for that great movie, first check out what you might already have available in your home. There are two main sources for this. The first is through your current cable provider. There may be a wealth of free on demand movies that you always wanted to see but didn’t know where available. Check your on demand selections often. Many times subscription channels will offer free movies on demand in an effort to get you to subscribe.

The second is movies that you may already own and haven’t watched in a while or at all. Go ahead and dig them out. give each one a try, and if you really can’t get up the enthusiasm to watch them then you can always donate them or save them for my next idea.

Hold a swap with your friends. Trade your old movies for new ones or just agree to lend your movies amongst each other. This way you have access to many movies that you never buy or rent.

The library is another great place for free movies. Many libraries will allow you to take out movies for up to three weeks for free! Newer releases may only be available for one week, but at the price of free, how can you beat it?

Redbox machines are available in many grocery stores. They allow you to rent a movie for $1 a night. But, there are also plenty of promotional codes out there that will allow you to rent a movie for free. Do a Google search or check back to this blog for codes and more details.

Finally, if there is a movie (or television show) that you have been really wanting to watch check online. There is a wealth of free movies and shows available. Many shows especially want you to tune in so they will offer an entire series of shows online for free. Or, if a sequel is coming out, promoters may offer the first movie for free online.

Take advantage of these tips to get some free entertainment. Also, you can check out the entertainment codes and deals I found. Barnes & Noble and Borders are both offering coupons right now.

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