Get Free Gifts Through Birthday Clubs
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Get Free Gifts Through Birthday Clubs

Posted on Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 at 1:57 pm
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There are a few different venues that will give your kids a little present on their birthday when you sign them up. They might get a free gift card, a free meal or even free toys.

Some of these clubs require quite a bit of advanced notice, so make sure that you sign up early, approximately three months before your child’s birthday.
Here are the current offers.

Target Kids Club

Register up to six children for the birthday mailer, which besides coupons and gifts, you will get party planning information.

Toys R Us

My kids love this club because they get their own gift cars for anything in the store with no minimum purchase. The gift cards are usually for $1, but we have gotten $5 ones in the past.


The Baskin-Robbins birthday club is a fun one because you get…what else…free ice cream! They will also send you coupons throughout the year.

Cold Stone Creamery

Who says kids have to have all of the fun. You can register your birthday for free ice cream, no matter what your age!

The Children’s Place

This retailer will give you coupons both on your own birthday and on your child’s birthday. So you can both look nice whether you are going out to dinner for yours or celebrating at home for theirs.


Sonic is a great place for treats for kids. And I really love those sarcastic commercials. Sign the kids up for the Sonic birthday club.


Pets deserve birthdays too! Get them a treat through the Petmart birthday club. Don’t you throw birthday parties for your pets?

Petite Cuisine

Sign up your cat in this feline birthday club. It is just one more way to reassure your cat that it is royalty.

Bob Evans

Bob Evans will send you a coupon for a free kids meal on your child’s birthday. Free kids meals can be lifesavers when you are on your way home from sports or day camp and the kids are starving.


Get a free three-scoop sundae plus other birthday offers when you sign up. Do you think they will let you have one with that little face made out of Reeses Pieces?


Become and Arby’s Extras Member and you’ll get coupons year round, plus an extra treat on your birthday. I’m not sure what it is, but it has to be yummy!


Sweet Rewards members get a special treat on their birthday. I wonder if the coupon also entitles you to go straight to the front of the line, since our Brusters is always busy.

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