Free Stuff in the Mail (or in Email) | Free Stuff in the Mail (or in Email)
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Free Stuff in the Mail (or in Email)

Posted on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 at 7:51 pm
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I’ve got a lot to tell you about today.  Let’s start with more Facebook freebies:

Sign up at Facebook for the Celestial Seasonings Discover Your Possibiliteas quiz and get a free sample of Celestial Seasonings Tea sent to you in the mail.    Complete the quiz and they’ll send you a free sample.  This is yet another Facebook freebie – advertisers want to get market information in a fun and entertaining way, and they will reward you with a freebie.  They know that Facebook is the best way to get a focused group of people to notice – when you complete the quiz, it goes in your newsfeed.  Then you are telling your friends, and they’ll check it out if they like the product.  Meantime, they have information about you, the consumer, which helps them develop and market a product, and develop their email list.  It’s a very cost effective way to advertise, which is why many companies are giving away products, coupons, and samples to their Facebook fans.

Here’s another fun promotion for a giveaway, but there’s a problem.  Register at Michelangelos to watch their videos and get coupons for their products.  You have to answer some questions about each video – easy!  You will receive a coupon emailed to you.  I got a  buy one get one free.  You can watch multiple videos (about 3 minutes) for more coupons. The glitch is that the coupon does not print well.  On my printer it only printed the upc, HUGE.  When I reduced the size of the file, it still printed only the upc.  I’ve contacted the company, we will see what happens.

I got my free Atkins kit today in the mail, including three Atkins bars.  MAN, that was fast!!!  I only signed up last week.  If you missed it, you can sign up here.    It comes with a carb counter and a booklet about nutrition.  I love getting stuff in the mail!

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