Free Samples for December 22
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Free Samples for December 22

Posted on Monday, December 22nd, 2008 at 10:00 am
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This past summer we got to stay at a friends beach house. It was an amazing experience, and we had a great time as a family. So how does that relate to free samples? Well, you see most of the stuff we packed, other than clothing and some food, was made up of free samples.

Instead of having to find and buy small bottles or individual units of shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facial soap, wipes, toothpaste, lotion, facial cloths, deodorant, shaving cream and all of the other little sundries that we can’t live without, I simply reached into a closet shoe box where I keep all of my free samples. Not only did we save money, but we got to try out new products at the same time. Also, by using up the samples instead of bringing big bottles of everything, there was more room in the suitcases for extra bathing suits and towels.

Plus, okay, getting samples in the mail is just fun. Let’s fill our mailboxes with tons of free samples. Here are some that I found. Do you know of any others?

Free Sample of Kleenex Tissue with Lotion

Free Sample of Optimum Care Dandruff Solutions Haircare Treatment

Researchers can get a free USB drive and a catalog

Free Sample of Pantene ProV Shampoo and Conditioner

Free Sample of antibacterial lotion (You need to fill out a short survey)

Wal-Mart is offering a free sample of GoodNites underpants

Free Cheese Poster that lists all the different types of cheese

Free Sample of Nature’s Bounty Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement plus $1 coupon
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