Free Samples for 2/6/2009
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Free Samples for 2/6/2009

Posted on Saturday, February 7th, 2009 at 12:20 pm
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Free samples make it feel like a holiday. I have to tell you that the free samples have been a motivation for me just to get up the driveway. With all of the snow that we have been getting in our part of the country. getting to the mailbox had been a real effort!

For the first free sample, I found some tea. I am looking forward to trying this sample on a cold evening. It looks as though they have some interesting tea flavors. In order to get this sample, you have to sign up for the company’s catalog.

The Republic of Tea

The next sample I have for you today is for shampoo and conditioner. These are my third favorite freebies (magazine subscriptions and laundry detergent are my first two) because they can be taken along when we go on vacation or stay over at the relatives. They are easy to pack, and we always can use shampoo! When I find myself with a lot of these samples, I simply place a plastic cup of them in the shower for easy use.

For this sample you will have to go through a signing up process where you will be asked questions about your household and the products you use.

Head and Shoulders free samples

Another type of sample that is great for travel is the toothpaste sample. We can take along several different types of toothpaste, and yet they will all fit flat in our travel case. You can usually get two or three uses out of each toothpaste sample, depending on how zealously you squeeze it.

Aquafresh Extreme Clean free sample (While it says sample, it actually prints out a coupon for a free trial size tube or $1 off regular size. )

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