Free Grocery Samples for 1/10
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Free Grocery Samples for 1/10

Posted on Saturday, January 10th, 2009 at 6:06 pm
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Are you ready to get some more free samples in the mail? I know that I am. We have been foregoing eating out these days, including the once a week outing for pizza or Ruby’s Diner that we had been accustomed to doing.

I’m proud to report that when temptation hit us this afternoon, we resisted and headed home for dinner instead of to the restaurant.

The first sample that is available is for Cream of Wheat. I’ll be glad to get this sample, as my husband prefers Cream of Wheat instead of oatmeal any day, and it will be nice to introduce him to a new flavor.

Try Cream of Wheat for free

Rice cakes have come a long way these days. I remember when they used to taste like what I imagine styrofoam tasted like. But there are so many great varieties of rice cakes, including ones that are drizzled with chocolate.

You can get a free sample of a rice cake snack pack at Quaker.


We are still on good grains with the next sample of organic cereal. Cereal can be one of the more expensive breakfast items out there, so a sample is nice to have (in our house we use cereal for snacks).

Barbara is offering a sample of their organic cereals here.


If you are prone to canker sores, you might want to try this sample. CankerMelts claim to be able to ease pain and help heal canker sores. You can try some for free by filling out a short form.

Free Sample of CankerMelts

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