Free Food and Free Legos
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Free Food and Free Legos

Posted on Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 at 11:30 am
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If you have some furniture shopping or browsing to do, you might want to head over to IKEA today through Monday. That is because the store is offering free breakfast. Each early shopper can get one breakfast plus a coffee for free.

There are some stores that are not honoring this promotion, so give your local IKEA a call to confirm the free breakfast before you head over. It is a $2 value per breakfast. Click here to learn more about this free breakfast deal.


Later in the day, after you have snagged your $1 flip flops, you can head over to Baskin Robbins with a friend (or a kid) and take advantage of this printable coupon that will give you one free 31 below desert when you buy one. This is vanilla soft serve ice cream blended with your favorite candy or cookies (yes, it is like a Dairy Queen Blizzard).


Finally, sign up for some free Legos. An entire kit comes in the mail, and it challenges teachers to create a hands on activity using only the Legos included in the kit. You need to be an educator for this deal, although home schooling parents qualify! I forwarded this link to one of my son’s teachers and to the local children’s librarian to challenge them to order the free kit. Sign up for the free Legos here.

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