Free Books and Full Magazine Subscriptions
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Free Books and Full Magazine Subscriptions

Posted on Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 at 12:33 pm
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I just love magazines. Not only do I learn a lot from them and get entertained, but we also use them for kids craft projects or to donate to the shelters and nursing homes (the ones that aren’t cut up for craft projects of course).

It has been many years since I have paid for a magazine subscription, and yet there are plenty that get mailed to me for free every month. Here are some of the latest offers. Be sure to pounce on them quickly. Magazine subscriptions go quickly.

And just to make things even nicer, I found some free books as well!

RewardsGold is offering two free subscriptions when you join their program and answer short surveys. The surveys aren’t long at all (no answering three pages of questions), and there isn’t a lot of spam, so I consider it worth the effort for the subscriptions. You can also opt out of getting any e-mail from them just by selecting the option during the survey. Just in case, use a free e-mail address so you won’t be inundated with offers.

One warning in general about free magazine offers. At the end of the term they may want to automatically renew. I don’t know if this is the case here. If this does happen, you can simply write cancel on the notice and send it back. The offers do say that you will not be billed.

The first magazine they have available is Woman’s Day. You can get a free subscription by going here.

Woman’s Day Free Subscription


Once you have completed that offer, you’ll get a thank you offer with the chance to pick up another free subscription, two years to Wonder Time! In case you miss that screen, here is the link below.

Wonder Time Thank You


And here is yet another subscription from Rewards Gold: Forbes!
Forbes Free Subscription


Subscription Rewards is offering a choice of free magazine subscriptions. Right now they have: Family Fun, Latina, Entrepreneur, Weight Watchers and Parenting available.

You have to opt in to the newsletter, but you can cancel it after one month without losing your subscription.

Free Magazine Subscriptions


Suze Orman, the diva of financial advice is offering a free book download in PDF form. You can’t go wrong with free financial advice from someone who really knows the secrets of financial stability.

Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan


ChristianAudio is offering a really popular book for free in the form of an audio download. Actually, they offer one free download per month. Enter the following coupon code to get the book for free: JAN2009

Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God

Don’t see a magazine that you’re looking for? Check out some of the deals below:

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[fc-brand 314]

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