Free Baby Formula
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Free Baby Formula

Posted on Sunday, March 15th, 2009 at 10:58 am
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Babies can cost quite a bit, can’t they? When you add up all of that gear and throw in the cost of diapers–whew. If you bottle feed, the cost of baby formula can take a nice chunk out of the budget. Fortunately, getting free baby formula is very possible and not too hard to do.

At the Pediatrician

Pediatrician office and hospitals often have full cans and bottles of formula to share with their patients for the asking. Just check with your nurse or doctor and request any free baby formula that might be available.

Baby Formula Clubs

Signing up for free baby clubs and offers from the formula manufacturers will often pay off in free baby formula sent in the mail, as well as free baby formula checks that can be traded in for baby formula at your local grocery store.

Sign up for Baby Formula Samples

Free baby formula samples are usually one or two use packet sent in the mail upon request. Sometimes you can get a whole can of powdered formula. Either way, free baby formula samples are a great way to help save some money and try out some new brands or types of baby formula.

Here is one current offer available from Walmart.

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