Top 10 Stupidest Holiday Gifts for 2010 from
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Top 10 Stupidest Holiday Gifts for 2010 from

Posted on Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 at 2:03 pm
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Guest Post By akagorilla

With the Holiday season fast approaching, time is running out, and it’s time to get creative., retailer of the craziest and most insane gifts, reveals its 4th annual list of the stupidest gifts for the 2010 holiday season.

“This year’s list includes functional products that one might buy anyway, but with a stupid twist that’s sure to make anyone smile,” said’s President, Jim Kalmenson. “You need mugs and calendars anyways, why not add a little shock value to them?”

Move over sunset calendars and “World’s Best Dad” mugs…things are about to get stupid. Without further adieu, the 10 Stupidest Gifts for 2010:

Beard Beanies – Dying for some facial hair but don’t want to put in that extra maintenance? If hair growth products, pills, pieces, and paints don’t speak to you, turn to the Beard Beanie! These beards are made of wool and acrylic, and can be removed without the risk of razor burn. $26.99

Dysfunctional Family Bingo – Why not make a game out of those awkward holiday dysfunctional family gatherings this year. With cards such as “Questionable Parenting,” “Fake Smile” and “Political Debate”, everyone’s issues will surely be brought to the table. Will it create even more dysfunction? Probably. But hey, that’s what the holidays are all about! $7.99

Hot Guys With Baby Animals 2011 Calendar – Get ready to be mesmerized by the power of a Calendar unlike any other. There’s just so much to take in…do you focus on the baby animals or the hunky guys? We’ll let you decide. $14.99

Mistletoe “To Go”
Where’s that mistletoe when you need it most? When you affix the suction cup to your forehead, the mistletoe is perfectly positioned to dangle above your head. It’s time to start practicing some lip puckering. $10.49

Toilet Coffee Mug – Wake up and smell the coffee! Step outside in your robe, pick up your paper and wave to all your neighbors with the Toilet Coffee Mug in hand. Mornings have never smelled so good. $16.99

LED Flashing Shoe Laces –
Feet look best in LED lighting which is why these Shoe Laces will make you do the two step and perhaps four step in happiness. There are four colors to choose from: red, yellow, blue, and green. 2 laces come in each pack, both have a cool lock to keep the laces intact and your shoes tight. Blast off into technicolor madness and into a new pair of shoes. $13.99

Pillow Tie – Close the door and hold all calls; you’ve got a lot of work to get done. Or so everyone thinks. Once in the solitude of your office, inflate the pillow on the back of the seemingly normal silk tie. Voila. A discreet nap anywhere, anytime. Great for office naps, airplane rides and the kids’ holiday recitals. $17.99

Poo Poo Shaped Strawberry Scented Soap – This hilariously shaped strawberry scented soap will make everyone laugh and is sure to be a hit in any bathroom. Use these soaps as pranks when one or two are dropped on the shower or bathroom floor for the next person to ‘discover.’ Tons of laughs lie ahead along with a pretty fresh strawberry scent for some good ol’ dirty clean fun for your houseguests! $5.99

iPhone App Magnets – Everyone has that friend who is drawn to their iPhone like a magnet. Get them the iPhone App Magnets to give them peace of mind that their favorite applications are never far, even while searching for salad dressing in the fridge. Although the iPhone App Magnets have no technical function, they do hold papers, photos, and similar objects to metal surfaces. $13.99

Toys for Jewish Dogs – Everyone wants to include man’s best friend in the holiday festivities, but is that stuffed squirrel really kosher? Chances are, it’s probably not. Keep your Jewish dog kosher with stuffed “Lox”, “Trayf”, “Shmutz” and the original “Kosher” bone. So, whether for you or a friend that has a Reformed Rottweiler, a Conservative Collie, or an Orthodox Otterhound, they’ll love these Chewish toys. $7.99

All these stupid gifts and more can be purchased online at and at select gift shops nationwide.

(Note from Marnie: Don’t forget to take advantage of the coupon codes. CARFUN gets you a free Reindeer car costume with a $60 order; KISS gets you free Mistletoe to Go with a $30 order; JINGLE10 gets you 10 percent off!)

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