Springtime Travel Deals
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Springtime Travel Deals

Posted on Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 at 1:45 pm
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I’m one of those people who lives in an area served by a regional airport – not a major hub, not a prime destination, not near a major city. And that’s the way most of my family is. So a lot of travel fares and discounts really don’t apply to us, without adding in a long, long drive to a hub city. However, we’ve gotten creative at searching fares.

Check out our Travel section on Freecoupons.com and see how many options there are for you to be creative. I started researching summer travel this week, and was happy to find CheapAir.com’s $10 + 10 discount. Book your fare, and receive an instant $10 off. I especially like their “inconvenience coupon” – if your flight is over an hour late, you receive $5 off future CheapAir bookings. When it comes to airfare in local places, every little bit helps.

Another good link to keep track of is Cheaptickets Cheap of the Week. Yes, there are special deals with hotel for family vacations, and there are also some unusual airfare deals direct from the airlines, and last minute fares. Hotwire also has some good last minute deals.  I like their Trip Watcher alerts too – if you search a route, they will alert you if there are any price drops for the time you have scheduled. It pays to keep looking.

Southwest often has great deals on hotel and car rental packages. I have found that if you are near an airport they fly out of, you are able to score some great deals.

And finally, check our links for Viator’s discounts on local attractions at many destinations.

I get just as big a thrill out of scoring great travel deals as I do walking out of the supermarket paying cents on the dollar with coupons, freebies, and rebates. These days, we do what we can to stay ahead, and stay connected to our loved ones.

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