Shopping for Coats: Old Navy Clearance at 50% Off
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Shopping for Coats: Old Navy Clearance at 50% Off

Posted on Thursday, January 6th, 2011 at 10:17 am
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For weeks I have been scouring some of the local retail stores for a good deal on kids coats. I want to make sure that my oldest son and daughter would be set for next year. Normally I shop the yard sales, thrift stores and outgrown sales for coats and kids clothing, but this year I wasn’t able to get everything on my list.

The combination of the economy I think (there was a rush of people shopping the same sales I was, plus many of the used items for sale were really overpriced) plus the crazy business of the past year left us coming up short. This was a good lesson for this coming year: make sure to set aside scheduled time to shop those sales and knock things off of the list.

Anyway, back to my hunt for coats and other outwear for the kids, such as snowsuits.

After Christmas clearance, I thought, would be a good chance to get some things. I haven’t been too impressed with the sales and prices at the stores that I did hit so far. The quality of the less expensive items was pretty poor. I have to make sure that anything I buy for my eldest son at least, also lasts through his younger brother. Plus, if I can pass the item down late by donating it, then I feel as if the money on that item was well spent.

Last night, we dropped our older two children off at church for their Awana program and headed down to nearby Delaware to pick up some milk and cereal at Trader Joe’s. I’ve found that Trader Joe’s has the cheapest milk that isn’t produced with hormones, so I try to grab two or three gallons there when I can.

After the milk, my husband asked if there was anything else we needed before heading back. That is when I spotted the Old Navy store. I never usually shop at Old Navy, even though I hear a lot about the good deals. I guess I always pictured a mad rush through the store with people fighting over the one-day sales item. Plus, not being very close, Old Navy usually isn’t on my radar for shopping.

But since we were right there, and there is no sales tax in Delaware (Pennsylvania does have sales tax, although they do waive it for some clothing purchases), I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to look. If the Lord wanted us to have The Lord has a way of providing things and people that we need, so I knew that my kids wouldn’t end up cold next winter.

The Old Navy clearance was at 50 percent off, and there were some great deals. I didn’t see a lot available for my daughter’s sizes. This store was pretty much cleaned out there. There were still many really cheap items for girls size 18 months to 5T, such as outfits and dresses under $3. There were a couple of lightweight coats for girls on clearance, but I really wanted something heavier and preferably lined. A very pretty purple pea coat was a great steal at $10.99. There were three at my store in sizes 2T and 5T.

There were also plenty of women’s clearance–although it was mostly the small and the large sizes. There were a lot of jeans in size 4 and 14, so if you wear those sizes, you might want to check out your local Old Navy.

Next, I headed over to the boys section for my son. There were gorgeous pullover fleece priced at only $3.99. Unfortunately for us, it had a skull and crossbones on it. We aren’t big on that sort of decoration, and the emblem was so well sewn in, that I thought it might damage the fleece if i tried to remove it. If you don’t feel the same way about the emblem, you could get a great deal. There were blue and black fleece available, and there were a good number of them left.

I did manage to score a different fleece, red with the Old Navy logo on it. It was priced at $4.99. I also got one of my goal items, a coat for my son. Waterproof and lined with fleece, it cost only $14.99, more than I usually get a coat used, but a great deal for one that is brand new.

Other deals that I spotted but didn’t need were boys fleece pajama bottoms at $5, men’s shirts at $5 and winter hats at $3.

Have you shopped any after Christmas clearance? Please share your scores in the comments.

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