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Look For Free Shipping Today

Posted on Friday, November 26th, 2010 at 8:00 am
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I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We had a nice relaxing time. Our family spent it with some good friends, and for once we didn’t have the stress of trying to prepare a perfect meal all on our own.

While I know that many people are going out for Black Friday shopping (or have already gone and come back), we decided to continue having a stress-free holiday and stay home. With three children aged nine and under, taking us all out shopping early in the morning is about the equivalent of preparing to embark on a trip to the tundra, only with Cherrios and juice pouches.

Instead, I’m going to enjoy myself by shopping online today. There are some amazing deals to be had, including some of the same ones that are in the retail stores, such as the $59 Kodak camera I’ve been eying.

In previous years, the big online sales happened on Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving.This year, however, the online deals are really good today, on Black Friday. One thing that makes them really sweet, is the fact that there are so many free shipping deals and free shipping coupon codes. So, if I can get the same deal online as I can in the stores, and get it sent to my home for free, then what could be better?

There are three ways in which free shipping is working today. Some stores are putting just the Black Friday deals on free shipping, some stores are offering coupon codes for free shipping (either for your total order or just on specific items), and some stores are just offering free shipping across the board on anything that you purchase and without the need for a coupon code.

When you do your online shopping, look for these free shipping opportunities. Combine them with the Black Friday sales or the clearance items, and you’ll soon fill the stockings and your gift list with really great deals.

You can check out some free shipping opportunities here.

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