HSN Now Offering Existing Customer Coupons | HSN Now Offering Existing Customer Coupons
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HSN Now Offering Existing Customer Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 at 12:00 pm
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HSN has always been known for offering coupons to entice new customers to try them out. But where did that leave existing loyal customers? The resentment built up for some shoppers and others tried to figure out ways around not being able to get a coupon when they were existing customer.

Well, HSN has made a historic decision to change its policy and start offering coupons for existing customers. No, I’m not talking about having free shipping or upgrades on some products, but actual coupon codes and coupon links that you can use anytime.

Here is the first batch of existing customer coupons that HSN is releasing. I don’t know, yet, how long they will last before they expire. I’ll load the coupons up on the site, but this is such great news that I wanted to give you a heads up so you don’t miss any of the discounts!

Save $15 off your jewelry purchase of $100 or more at hsn.com. Use Coupon C70702 at checkout.

Get $25 off your cooking purchase of $100 or more. Use Coupon C77209 at checkout.

Get $15 off each home decor or home solution item of $75 or more. Use Coupon C75768.

9 Responses to HSN Now Offering Existing Customer Coupons

  1. joyce fleming says:

    this would be very nice& fair for long time customers like myself

  2. Margo says:

    I totally agree that HSN should offer coupons on a more frequent basis to existing customers. Personally, I have spent hundreds of dollars, probably more like $4000 over the past two years! Come on HSN have a heart and offer us existing customers coupons as perks. It certainly would be an incentive to shop more often. Get with the program!

  3. toni brizzi-purdum says:

    I think it’s a great idea. It helps you buy more and shows that HSN is a cut
    above the competition and cares about those who are loyal customers.
    Keep up the good work, now get back to the THINK TANK and present some
    more great products, prices and incentives.

  4. Carol says:

    C77209 coupon code – $25 off cooking purchase of $100 or more – does NOT work. Tried on 11.25.10.

  5. Brenda says:

    I have wondered for years why they are trying entice new customers at the risk of losing the ones they have…..by NOT allowing them the same advantage of using coupons. We are here, and I would purchase more often if the coupons applied to US the paying customers!! And too, I go search out coupons , write all the numbers down, try and enter them in the space I am told , they never work! What is that?? Ya know what half the time I just “cash” out and order NOTHING!! I have been trying to place a 95.00 order today………..I have tried at least 35 coupons, but not have worked yet! If you call CS ….they give you the run around that the coupons aren’t theirs, or they don’t apply anymore,blah blah………..I am about to pay off my account and forget HSN! Let then keep trying for their new customers!!

  6. Patti I. says:

    I totally agree with Brenda I have spent thoundsons of dollars over the past 3 years and even the promo codes that hsn gives you when you play one of their games and win the codes they send you don,t even work so why do they bother to send them.why is it only the hsn credit card holders are the ones that get all the extra flex pays.arent we all created equal, doesnt all our money spend the same.just wondering. 5/15/2012

  7. debbie says:

    i would also love coupons from hsn i have been a loyal customer for 4 year

  8. Barbara Hockett says:

    I would like to receive coupons. I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years. Thanks

  9. Chanee says:

    I certainly haven’t been a customer for as long as most of you, but I definitely have spent over two thousand dollars in about a year at HSN! I’ve only received a few coupons but to have as many specials offered to the old customers as the new, would sure be a great “Thank you” gift!

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