How to Use Coupon Codes and Coupon Links
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How to Use Coupon Codes and Coupon Links

Posted on Thursday, July 9th, 2009 at 11:40 am
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I never shop online unless I have a coupon code or coupon link that will reduce the cost of my shopping. And even if I want to pick something up at an actual retail store, I’ll first check online and then see if they have a free ship to store option. After all, why should we pay full price when stores are offering discounts to those of use that take a little time to look for them?

If you haven’t taken advantage of coupon codes and coupon links, I strongly suggest that you do. Here is a little guide to the different discounts and how to use them.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes must be entered at check out or on the order review page in order to get the discount, free shipping or extra free product. Any time you are ready to shop, check for a coupon submit area. That will let you know that there may be coupon codes out there that will give you a discount.

Coupon Links

Often, stores will give you a discount if you click on a special link that will get you to the store or the section of the store where the coupon applies. Enter through that link, and the discount will automatically apply to you order. Sometimes you can come back later and still have the discount. Other times you will need to re-enter the store through the same link. It really depends on your cookies and how long the store allows the coupon link to apply.

At I list both types of coupons as I come across them. In rare cases, codes must be used with links, so it is generally a good idea to use the direct link from the coupon listing when redeeming your discount.

Other Info

Some other questions and answers that you might wonder about:

If you don’t link directly to a page that declares the discount, don’t worry. Usually the discount will apply when you go to check out. Of course, you should review your total just to make sure before you finalize your transaction. Check the order page.

If the coupon code or link isn’t working, it could be because the store has taken down the coupon and I didn’t catch it. If you spot a coupon that isn’t working, please email me right away at marnie AT Often there will be a different coupon for the same store that I can send you.

Can you use more than one coupon? For the most part, no, although in rare cases you can. This is known as “stacking” coupons. I try to point this out in the coupon when I come across this. Another way to get an extra discount is to combine it with a rebate. There are usually different rebates for electronics. And sometimes instant online rebates can be combined with coupon codes or links.

Here are some of the hottest coupon codes and coupon links. I’ve given you a sampling of both types to explore.

Walmart: 97 cents shipping on electronics Save 70% off of $25 Gift Certificates when you use code SEVENTY. Pay $3 thru 7/13/09 only at

Kmart: Receive two $5 Kmart coupons when you sign-up for Kmart Emails

Toys R Us: Everything for Clean & Healthy Baby, Save $5 on ANY 3 BabyGanics items priced $4.99 or more at Use Coupon Code: 928740

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