Gift Deals for Your Spouse | Gift Deals for Your Spouse
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Gift Deals for Your Spouse

Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 at 12:09 pm
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My wedding anniversary is coming up tomorrow! The date still gets me excited even after all of these years. One thing that makes me nervous about the day, though, is shopping for gifts. I mean, the man is just so clever that it is hard to sneak out to do my shopping.

This year, I got smart. I decided to shop online. Not only is it easier to pretend that I forgot the date in the days leading up to our anniversary (no mysterious dashes out to the store alone), but I can do all of my research pretty easily. And, you know, I can actually take advantage of all of those coupon codes and links that I am always finding and posting.

I thought that I would share all of this because, well, the holidays will be coming up pretty soon. All of us with spouses will have to get our acts together to figure out and get the perfect gifts for the perfect price.

As the weeks pass, I’ll keep this in mind and highlight some of the best deals that would make great gifts for spouses. There is also the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday crazy sales that will come up, too. I prefer doing most of my shopping in advance, so I don’t overspend. This way, I don’t have to worry about something being out of stock, and since many stores try out their holiday sales ahead of time with a secret code here and there, I shouldn’t miss out on anything. Of course, there may be a deal or two to snag even on Black Friday or Cyber Monday 😉

Electronics should continue to be huge this year, especially with HDTVs, cameras and video games, all of which I know my spouse would love to have. Expect short term deals that you have to jump on starting late this month.

Here are two Walmart electronics deals for under $300 when you use coupon links:
Walmart has a good deal on an Acer netbook for only $298 and a Sanyo HDTV for only $296.

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