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GameStop Codes

Posted on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 at 2:22 pm
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Video Game Coupon Codes!

Video Game Coupon Codes!

Well, it finally happened. My eight-year-old saved up enough money from extra chores and his birthday money gifts to make a long awaited purchase. He worked so hard, doing everything from pulling weeds to helping with the laundry to earn that prize, a shiny new red Nintendo DS Lite.

All of his friends seem to already have one, but we thought it was important that he earned his, to help him understand the concepts of earning and spending. The DS seems to him so much sweeter, too, since he had to work so hard to get it.

Now of course, he is looking for games. Again, he will have to earn his way through those and make some choices. He has already said that he wants to focus on used games, since “I’ll get more for my money that way.” Being the savings momma that I am, I also pointed out the fact that he could sometimes get the latest new games for less than used ones, if he uses coupon codes and deal links.

So, I did a little bit of research, GameStop just released a bunch of online deals. And some stores are still doing the 50 percent off selected used games promotion. Of course, all of the deals aren’t for the DS but go across the video game platforms.

With GameStop, they usually have a daily deal that changes. Look for the long banner on the right of the GameStop webpage.

Here are some of the best GameStop deals.

As a bonus, you can get a $10 coupon off of a future purchase.

Get 20 percent off used games. Use Coupon Code: 20USED – Buy 1, Get 1 Free on all in-stock Used Games. Use Coupon Code: UBOGO – 25% off $100+ order. Use Coupon Code: 25OFF (Expires 4/30) – Reserve Iron Man 2 now and get a limited-edition film cell from Iron Man 2 the movie. Plus, get Free overnight shipping. Use Coupon Code: IM2 – Receive a code to unlock the Black Box Distribution Skate Park. Plus Free overnight shipping with Skate 3 order. Use Coupon Code: SKATE3 – Pre-order UFC Undisputed 2010 and get a code to unlock 4 GameStop exclusive fighters and Free overnight shipping. Use Coupon Code: UFC10 – Pre-order Split/Second and get Free overnight shipping, Plus, get an exclusive in-game and die-cast car (Xbox 360 and PS3 only). Use Coupon Code: SPLIT – 10% off Shrek Forever After. Use Coupon Code: SHREK – 10% off and Free GameStop exclusive dual chain gun with pre-order of Attack of the Movies 3D. Use Coupon Code: ATTACK – $5 off Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. Use Coupon Code: LEAF – $20 off Supreme Commander 2 (Xbox 360 or PC version). Plus, get Free 2-day shipping. Use Coupon Code: SC2 – 15% off any in-stock Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii title. Use Coupon Code: 15NEW – Free Value Shipping on $25+ order. Use this link.

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