How to Get Discounted Newspaper Subscriptions
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How to Get Discounted Newspaper Subscriptions

Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 at 12:12 pm
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Extreme couponing requires a lot of coupons. Sunday newspaper inserts are one of the best sources of manufacturer coupons. The problem is that buying a newspaper at the store or even having a subscription to a newspaper can get expensive. Plus, when you want to have multiple subscriptions for multiple sets of coupons, the cost of the coupons can really add up.

While some people can get their coupons elsewhere, the reality is that for those coupon clippers who live in rural areas or cannot print coupons, getting the Sunday newspaper delivered to the door is the best option. Often, there are no coupon inserts to beg from friends and family or ability to dumpster dive for coupons. So, getting discounted newspaper subscriptions is important in order to get the grocery coupons that come in it.

There are a couple of ways to save money on newspaper subscriptions.

Go to the Source

Sometimes the best way to get a discount on a newspaper subscriptions is to go directly to the newspaper itself. Call up the subscription department and tell them that you want a discount. Signing up for multiple weeks delivery or multiple copies of the paper gives you more leverage for negotiating a deal. Remember that many newspaper subscription departments are willing to mail newspapers, so you can get your coupons through the if delivery is not an option.

New customers are often given good deals, so sign up under the name of another member of your family or cancel your current subscription and order a new one.

Find a Discounted Newspaper Distributor

The next thing to try is to check the subscription rates of a discounted newspaper distributors. These suppliers get deals on subscriptions and then pass them on to you. You may not get as good a deal as you would going to the source, but you just might find a gem of a promotion.

Discounted Newspapers is one such source of discounts, and they often have coupon codes available.

Check the Competition

Most local papers charge less for newspaper subscriptions, even Sunday only programs, so check newspapers with a smaller distribution. Usually the coupons are the same as they are in the larger papers. You can always check this wherever you normally purchase papers or simply call them up and ask if they offer coupons in their papers.

This can also be a great way of getting multiple copies of coupons. Subscribe to multiple papers each under a new customer contract, and you may just reduce your cost by 50 to 75 percent.

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