How Much Time Should You Spend on Extreme Couponing?
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How Much Time Should You Spend on Extreme Couponing?

Posted on Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 12:12 pm
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Extreme couponing savings can be amazing. Imagine feeding your family and maybe even the community around you for less than a hundred dollars a month! Some extreme couponers can do even better than that with their coupon clipping.

It seems pretty easy to get that great grocery savings until you realize that many extreme couponing can spend up to six to eight hours a day on their grocery lists, from scouting for coupons and deals, to matching coupons to sales, to making multiple shopping trips to the store, not only to shop but also to grab even more coupons and plan out their shopping strategy.

This time is what it takes to get that 95-98 percent off savings. And even with all of that, they may not be saving that amount every week. So how much time should you spend on extreme couponing? Of course this depends on your situation, the number of people that you have to feed, and how much time you actually have to dedicate to extreme couponing.

A good rule of thumb is to figure out the per hour “salary” you are getting from extreme couponing. For example, if you spend five hours a day, five days a week, that is 25 hours of work that you have put in for extreme couponing. For simplicity, let us say that if you worked for an employer, you might make a salary of $10 an hour (use your real salary if you do work). That means in 25 hours, you could make $250. Now, look at your coupon savings. Did you save at least that amount of money by clipping coupons to the extreme? Usually the answer is yes, but you’ll have to figure it out on your own.

If you just don’t have that much time or the inclination to devote so much focus to using coupons and calculating deals, you can still get plenty of savings. The way to do this is to go extreme couponing just in one or two stores. This way, you can generally spend only about 30-60 minutes per week on your extreme couponing, but still wind up with plenty of savings, many items for free, and a nice stockpile. You may never approach having a wall of diapers, but you will still be racking up the discounts.

You can even reduce this time even more, if you rely on others to do the match ups for you and tell you where to get the coupons that you need. At, we do just that, with several popular stores. Then all you need to do is print your coupons or collect the Sunday inserts that you need to do the deals.

Just remember that everyone’s situation and time available for extreme couponing is different. It isn’t an all or nothing problem, so don’t give up and find out what works best for you.

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