Extreme Couponing Fatigue
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Extreme Couponing Fatigue

Posted on Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 8:12 am
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Well, it is starting to happen. People who were once excited about extreme couponing are now tired of, well, getting the best deals on groceries. Why? They are suffering from too much too soon and have found themselves actually getting sick of coupons! Can you image?

What is Extreme Couponing Fatigue?

You know that you are in the middle of Extreme Couponing fatigue when the thought of putting together another store match up list or even look at another grocery coupon fills you with dread. When you stay up at night just thinking about having to get to the store before every other extreme couponer clears the shelves before you get there, you may be ready to throw in the towel.

If you are just tired of using coupons and tracking the deals, you are not alone. But don’t give up, there are ways to make it all better.

Why Does Extreme Couponing Fatigue Happen?

There are several reasons why you can come down with extreme couponing fatigue.

  • You may have been trying to keep up with the folks on the TLC show, getting discouraged when you can’t get the same $1,000 worth of groceries for less than $1 that they do. (There are lots of secrets that they don’t show you on television, from months of planning for one trip, to stores that wave normal coupon policies just for the show, to actual coupon fraud.) The more realistic coupon trips that they should show just aren’t as interesting for television.
  • You may have jumped in with both feet and tried to work all of the deals all of the time without giving yourself time to be selective with products and the amount of effort you are willing or able to give.
  • You may realize that some of the seeming requirements of extreme couponing, such as dumpster diving and hoarding just aren’t who you are or want to be.


How Can You Avoid Extreme Couponing Fatigue

Most people suffering from extreme couponing fatigue will suddenly go cold turkey and not want to coupon or even shop for a long time. To avoid having this happen to you (or if you feel it already happening) take the following steps to keep you sane and saving money.


  • Choose where to save. Forget about buying things for free just because you can or clipping every coupon in sight. Focus on the products and brands that you would buy anyway and only those.
  • Let someone else do most of the work for you. Instead of spending hours or days preparing for a grocery shopping trip, take advantage of the many match up deals that are posted online, such as on FreeCoupons.com. Find the store you like to shop and use the guides to make your list and print coupons or assemble Sunday insert coupons.
  • Share your shopping. Team up with a spouse, a sister, a friend or a neighbor to share in couponing. You could either coupon and shop together for grocery deals or split up the stores. Having support and someone else to keep you accountable will mean that you neither stockpile a barrel of uneaten relish nor give up on using coupons completely.
  • Select the strategies that work for you and leave the rest behind. Instead of dumpster diving for example, you could purchase two or three copies of the paper and have enough coupons to do the deals that you need, ask friends and neighbors for their extra coupons and inserts or use a coupon clipping service.

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