Extreme Couponing and Technology
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Extreme Couponing and Technology

Posted on Thursday, April 7th, 2011 at 8:12 am
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You might think that extreme couponing requires dumpster diving into recycling bins for coupons, begging coupons from your neighbors and some of the other activities that were seen last night on TLC’s Extreme Couponing show. While those are all ways to get coupons in bulk, there may be a smarter solution to clipping coupons.

Technology today has made it easier to find and use grocery coupons to save on food and other products. From pizza coupons to deals on school supplies, you can now take advantage of mobile coupons and other technology to practice extreme couponing.

Mobile Coupons

Mobile apps are now available for your smartphone. These apps allow you to download coupons. This means that you no longer have to cut coupons or use printable coupons in some cases. It will save you time and money.

Mobile or virtual coupons come in one of two forms currently. You can download and store coupons on your smart phone or mobile device. When you get to the checkout, simply show your coupons on your smartphone. The coupons can be scanned and used immediately.

Another way to get coupons that are easy to use is to download them to your store bonus or savings card. Kroger and other grocery stores make this easy. You simply use your computer or smartphone to identify the coupons you want and select them to be loaded to your card. The next time that you are grocery shopping, the coupons will automatically be activated when your card is scanned.

Internet Coupon Services

Just as you might order shoes online, you can also order coupons. There are a number of coupon clipping services that will do all of the coupon cutting for you, saving you time and the money of buying multiple coupon inserts. You can do your coupon match ups and then order only those coupons that you need. This works well for extreme couponing, when you often need multiples of the same coupon in order to get the deals.

You also have the option with these services of buying whole sheets of coupons that are not already clipped. These Sunday coupon inserts will cost less when you buy them in bulk, and you won’t have to spend six hours a day finding coupons as many of the people in the Extreme Couponing show do.

So use technology to your advantage and make it part of your money saving strategy. You’ll score some amazing deals but never be referred to by some of the negative stereotypes associated with using coupons, such as that crazy coupon lady or coupon hoarder.

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