Extreme Couponing and Patience
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Extreme Couponing and Patience

Posted on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 at 6:12 am
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There are many things to learn about extreme couponing, and one of them has to do with patience. Getting the extreme savings from clipping coupons and doing deals requires a lot of organization and the ability to know exactly when you can get that best deal. Otherwise, you may just waste your hottest coupons.

Patience in Clipping

It is hard to be patient when you find out about a deal you can get with coupons, especially if you get some free coupons. You just want to run our right away and grab up the savings. But wait! In the long run this can hurt you.

Sometimes if you rush ahead, you may miss some coupons. Keep all of your coupons organized. You can file them by insert or type of coupon (such as a printable coupon) or clip them all and sort them by item in a coupon binder. Taking the time to know what you have and where it is located will help you a lot when you are ready to go extreme couponing.

Patience in Planning

Extreme couponing relies on making lists of items and matching those items with coupons. Be patient when you put your list together. Include enough information about the deal, such as the sale price, the coupons you will be using and the final price. This will help you in the event that there is a problem in your grocery shopping, such as items that ring up at the wrong price or coupons that didn’t scan.

What happens if you have a set of grocery coupons that require you to make multiple purchases of different items in the same transaction, but some of the items are out of stock? If you were patient enough to make your list detailed, you can recalculate the deals as needed.

Patience in Using Coupons

When couponers first start clipping coupons and matching them with sales to get deals, they have a tendency to jump on a purchase the first time that they can make a match. I used to do this all of the time. Sometimes, however, it is better not to use a coupon. Why? Well, because you can often hold on to that coupon and get an even better deal. If you use the coupon too early, you might not get the best price.

Remember that there is no requirement to use a coupon right away. You, of course, have to be aware of coupon expiration dates, but don’t use a coupon unless you know it is the best deal that you are going to get. Having a price book will help you figure that out.

Extreme couponing can be very exciting, especially when you see people getting hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for just a few pennies. But if can hold back a bit and practice patience, you will wind up with the best deals possible.

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