Extreme Couponing All Stars
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Extreme Couponing All Stars

Posted on Friday, January 6th, 2012 at 10:12 am
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Have you heard about the show called “Extreme Couponing All Stars”?  It is a brand new show that is on the TLC channel.  If you loved the show “Extreme Couponing”, then you won’t want to miss this!  It combines everything you liked to watch in the original show with a brand new, exciting, shopping challenge that pits one Extreme Couponing All Star against another one.  Who will win?

The first episode of “Extreme Couponing All Stars” just aired a few weeks ago in December of 2011.  More shows are on the way, and you can watch many of the clips from the TLC website that talks about the show.  Each episode features a challenge that puts one extreme couponer against another one, in a shopping challenge.  Whichever one ends up having the highest percentage of savings at the end of their shopping trip wins that round.

The show will start off with a total of twelve couponers.  Elimination rounds will eventually whittle down this group to the three contestants who had the all- around top percentage of savings from their shopping challenges.  Those three will advance to the finals.

There are nine rules that must be followed for the elimination rounds.  Extreme couponers must spend at least $500 retail (before their bonus card or any in store savings is applied).  They have to have purchased at least 15 different items, (and they cannot have more than 50%  of their total retail purchase come from one item).  They cannot preorder more than three different items before the shopping trip begins.

Contestants are not allowed to use cash value catalinas in the contest.  They are allowed to do one prescription transfer, but it has to be done during the allotted shopping time.  They only get thirty minutes to complete their shopping (before heading to the registers).

The extreme couponers cannot pay full price for anything they purchased on their shopping challenge.  Not even one thing!  They also are limited to bringing only one person to the store with them.  That person can only help by being the “stand in” for any additional transactions the store policy requires.  Each extreme couponer will be scored on a 100 point scale.  The rules for the final round get a bit stricter, which will add to the overall tension of the episode.

As far as I can tell, it appears that the person who wins the final shopping challenge will basically get “bragging rights”.  They will be able to say that they are officially the best of the Extreme Couponing All Stars.

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