Coupon Addiction: A Good Thing!
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Coupon Addiction: A Good Thing!

Posted on Sunday, September 4th, 2011 at 6:12 am
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When I think of addictions the first things that come to mind are smoking, drugs, spending beyond your budget, etc.  These all sound like terrible things that have damaged the lives of countless people but what about the healthy addictions?  People who just have to get in their morning run,  the woman who is totally addicted to fresh veggies (me) and the teenager who did a community service project through his school and now he can’t get enough.  These addictions can be part of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  That is how I view my addiction to couponing.

Of course, just like anything else, there always comes a point where you can go overboard.  Almost every woman in the world is addicted to chocolate but you don’t see us eating 12lbs of chocolate a day.  Yes, some coupon addicts can go overboard.  I find that the biggest problem with extreme couponers is that they will purchase items that they will never use just because it is a bargain.  I also find that couponers will sometimes buy WAY too much of a product just because it is a great deal.  In this instance they are not even saving money.   That product will most likely go bad on their shelves and that is like throwing away money.

I do not hoard thousands of dollars worth of product in my home and hide cans of soup in my husbands sock drawer but I find saving money to be absolutely fulfilling.  I do my best to get great deals on things my family will absolutely use in the next few months.  If I happen to find a free deal on something we will not use I get it anyway and donate it to the local homeless shelter.  Saving money this way allows me to give back as well as save money for my family. It is an addiction that I am very proud of.

While you are out there being the rock star of savings, make sure to think of the good you can do with your money saving talents.  Weather it is in your home or in your community make your addiction, A Good Thing!








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