How to Save on COVID-19 Back to School Shopping
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How to Save on COVID-19 Back to School Shopping

Posted on Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 at 7:00 am
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Back-to-School shopping can be expensive! Typically, your child’s teacher will provide you with a list of items that are required. But this year, due to COVID-19, your child’s school supply list will be different.

Buy a pack of masks. Students that are attending school in person may be required to wear cloth masks. Your child will need more than one. A cloth mask can be safely worn once, and then must be washed before being worn again. Buying in bulk is generally less expensive than buying things one by one.

Take advantage of back to school sales. You can find good deals on school supplies leading up to the school year. Prices start to drop after the school year starts. Take the time to check prices at various stores before you shop. Don’t forget to use your coupons or credit card related discounts.

Purchase hand sanitizer that your child can bring to school. Buying it in bulk is a good idea, especially for families who have several children who will be attending in-person school this year. Start requiring your kids to sanitize their hands as soon as they return home.

Will your child be doing online learning this school year? It might be time to invest in a dedicated learning space. Frugal parents can re-purpose a small table or an unused desk. Doing so will prevent the kitchen table from becoming a full-time classroom.

Parents might need to upgrade the laptop or computer that their child is using for virtual learning. It might be possible to provide your child with older, but still functional, microphones and headsets to use while taking online classes.

Don’t forget to buy some sanitizing wipes to use on their desks at school. It would also be good to teach your virtual learner how to wipe down their learning environment when the school day ends. These skills may be useful for a very long time.

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