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Save on Seasonal Produce in December

Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2018 at 7:00 am
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Keep your family healthy and strong in December by feeding them fresh, in season, produce. The best time to buy fresh, rather than frozen, produce is when it is in season. The reason is you can buy seasonal produce at a lower price than if you buy it out of season.

Everybody loves potatoes! There are so many different varieties to choose from. Potatoes, with the skin on them, have Vitamin C, potassium, and Vitamin B6.

Some options for using potatoes include: baked potatoes, homemade french fries, potato pancakes, and homemade hash browns.

Chopped celery is one ingredient in potato salad. It is also good in soups, and for adding some crunch to a salad. Children might enjoy eating small pieces of fresh celery stalk filled with peanut butter.

You can swap out rice for riced cauliflower in many meals. It is easy to hide small pieces of cauliflower in a macaroni and cheese dish (especially if you buy the orange colored cauliflower). Some people bake a seasoned Cauliflower in the oven and enjoy the crisp, savory, treat.

Winter Squash
There are many types of winter squash, including: acorn squash, butternut squash, and spaghetti squash. All of them are in season during December.

You can turn spaghetti squash into long strips and swap out the spaghetti noodles in a meal. Small squashes can be cut into chunks and added into a casserole or served as a side dish.

What’s your favorite kind of apple? December is a good month to purchase them as snacks. While some varieties of apples are great for snacking, others are better for cooking or baking. Cold, winter, weather makes people want hot foods like apple cider or baked apples.

Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, tangerines and mandarins are in season in December. Each is a good source of Vitamin C. Grapefruits are a go-to breakfast food. Oranges can be juiced and added to a smoothie.

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Shop Seasonally to Save Money on Clothing

Posted on Thursday, November 28th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Old Navy SwimsuitsYou can save a lot of money on clothing if you buy it when it is on sale. Every month, there are certain types of clothing that are part of an annual sale. In order to take advantage of these deals, you have to know exactly when to shop for what. Here is a quick list to help you save money on clothing.

You can find great deals on jeans around the end of July, and continuing through the end of August. This is when the Back-to-School sales are happening. If you can wait, it may be to your advantage to shop for jeans in September. The prices will drop, again, so the stores can clear out their excess stock of denim.

Socks, Underwear, and Bras
January is the best time to shop for underwear, bras, and socks. Stores have “White Sales” at the beginning of the year. Typically, this type of sale includes everything from sheets and towels to underwear, bras, and socks. Sometimes, it can also include bathrobes.

Victoria’s Secret has its Semi-Annual Sale in June. Other stores will follow suit, so they can stay competitive. June is a good month to pick up some bras and panties that are fancier than usual. Often, sleepwear is included in this type of sale.

Swimwear and Sandals
The best time to buy sandals, swimwear, and beach cover ups is August. In many parts of the United States, the weather will start to get too cold for swimming by the end of that month. You can save money if you wait for that end of the season sale. August is the perfect month to buy a new swimsuit that you can wear on a cruise or a Winter vacation to a warm, sunny, place.

Winter Coats
This is another type of clothing that goes on sale at the beginning and end of a season. Save money by shopping early, in the Fall, before the weather gets really cold. Or, wait until the end of the season, when Spring is about to arrive. Either way will get you the best savings on a Winter coat.

Wedding Dresses
November is the best month of the year to buy a wedding dress. The prices start to drop in November, and go even lower in December. Wait too long, and there will be less of a selection. November is also a good time to purchase bridesmaid dresses (that might be part of the sale on wedding dresses).

Baby and Children’s Clothing
Fancy baby clothing goes on sale in November. That’s a good month to buy the outfit you want your child to wear for a holiday photo. Many stores lower the prices of day-to-day baby clothing, and children’s clothing, during the Memorial Day Sales at the end of Summer. That’s also a good weekend to get a great deal on Back-to-School clothing.

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Save on Seasonal Produce in May

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Save on Seasonal Produce in May | FreeCoupons.comIt isn’t always easy to feed your family healthy foods. We know that, most of the time, it costs less to buy a meal at a fast food place than it does to purchase fresh produce for a meal made at home. To cut down on the costs, buy seasonal produce and save money. Here is a list of what fruits and vegetables to look for in May.

Nature doesn’t follow the calendar like humans do. This means that some foods will be in season for more than one month. The peak time for that produce overlaps two (or more) months. That means that the list of in season produce for May could have some foods that were in season in April. That gives you more time to buy the food at the lowest price.

Apricots – If you like nectarines, you may like apricots
Blueberries – contain antioxidants
Cherries – Tasty all on their own
Mangos – I’ve had these on fish tacos
Nectarines – An orange colored fruit with a lovely scent
Peaches – Time to make a peach cobbler
Pineapples – Great for grilling on a kabob
Strawberries – Plenty of recipes require strawberries

Artichokes – Have you tried it on a pizza?
Arugula – A nice addition to a salad
Asparagus – Goes great with salmon
Broccoli – Lovely in a salad, or steamed and covered in cheese
Brussels sprouts – Will your family eat them?
Carrots – Great for snacks or in a salad
Collards – also called collard greens
Kale – I hear this works well in juice
Leeks – Sort of an alternative for onion
Lettuce – You will need this to make a salad
Mushrooms – Saute them and throw them in pasta, or leave them raw for salad
Okra – Used in gumbo
Potatoes – Everybody loves potatoes!
Radishes – Add a kick to your salad!
Rhubarb – May is a good time to make a strawberry and rhubarb pie
Scallions – Sort of like an onion, but not quite
Spinach – Healthy and a nice alternative to lettuce
Spring onions – Onions are used in lots of foods
Spring peas – Try some of these recipes that include spring peas.
Swiss chard – Used in Mediterranean cooking
Turnips – Mashed turnips are a nice alternative to potatoes
Zucchini – Slice it up, saute it, and add it to your pasta

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Save on Seasonal Produce in March

Posted on Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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seasonal, vegetables, recipesFresh produce can be extremely expensive! The last few grocery shopping trips that my husband and I went on are proof. Instead of giving up on fresh fruits and vegetables, we are going to try and shop smarter. One way to save money on produce is to buy it when it is in season. This is when you can find it for the lowest price of the whole year.

You will find some of the produce that is in season for the month of March is the same as what was in season for February. There are also some delicious new additions! Take this list with you to the grocery store, and save money on fresh fruits and vegetables for your family.





Grapefruits – A fast and healthy breakfast food
Guavas – Something new to try this month
Kumquats – I’ve seen this described as “like an orange in reverse”
Lemons – You can’t go wrong with a nice pitcher of lemonade
Limes – Add a slice to a glass of water for a fresher taste
Mandarins – Similar to an orange
Oranges – A great snack food for school lunches
Strawberries – A sweet and healthy snack that you can top pancakes with
Tangerines – Another fun alternative to an orange

Artichokes – Funny looking, but very nutritious
Arugula – Make your salad more interesting
Asparagus – So tasty when wrapped in bacon!
Beets – You either love them, or you hate them
Broccoli – Wonderful in a stir-fry
Brussels Sprouts – Another veggie people either love or hate
Cabbage – One of my new favorite veggies!
Carrots – A healthy snack for a school lunch
Cauliflower – Can be used as a substitute for rice
Chives – Not exactly an onion
Collards – Can be used in a variety of dishes
Garlic – Garlic makes everything taste better!
Leeks – Again, not exactly an onion
Onions – Great for sauteing with ground beef or burgers
Parsnips – Sort of like carrots, but sweeter
Potatoes – A favorite veggie for many people!
Radishes – Add some kick to your salad
Rutabaga – Not quite a turnip
Turnips – Makes a nice alternative to mashed potatoes
Spinach – Super healthy addition to a salad

Others (Not veggie or fruits)
Endive – A dainty lettuce like herb
Mint – An herb that adds a nice taste to tea
Parsley – A bitter herb, often used as garnish
Walnuts – Add them to some brownies

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Save on Seasonal Produce in February

Posted on Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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It has been said many times, and it remains true. The very best time to buy produce is when it is in season. This is when you will find the freshest foods at the lowest price all year long! Fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious, nutritious, and healthy for your family to enjoy. Sometimes, it is nice to cook with fresh produce instead of canned or frozen ones.

Here is a quick list of produce that is in season during the month of February. As you can see, there is some overlap with the produce that was in season for January. Nature has its own timetable and doesn’t follow the calendar in the same way that we do. We see February as different from January, but plants certainly don’t make this separation! Print out this list of in season produce for February, and bring it with you to the grocery store. You will end up saving some money!

Clementines – a nice alternative to having an orange at lunch
Grapefruit – a quick and healthy breakfast
Lemons – Make some fresh lemonade!
Oranges – filled with vitamin C
Pears – another nice snack to toss into lunches
Tangelos – a hybrid of a tangerine (or mandarin orange) and a grapefruit
Tangerine – yet another citrus fruit that contains vitamin C

Arugula – an interesting change from lettuce
Asparagus – so lovely with salmon
Beets – You either love them or you hate them
Bok choy – Time to make a stir fry!
Broccoli – Great in salad, stir fry, or with cheese
Brussels Sprouts – another vegetable that people either love or hate
Cabbage – This is my new favorite vegetable!
Carrots – a quick and healthy snack for lunch
Celery – add some peanut butter, and your preschooler will eat it
Cilantro – the perfect herb to add to Mexican food
Dill – another herb to put into foods
Fennel – Yet another herb. It seems February is an “herb garden”.
Kale – a favorite of people who like to juice
Lettuce – Make a salad, or add it to tacos.
Leeks – a nice alternative to onions
Onions – always nice when sauteed
Parsnips – a variation of a turnip
Shallots – They are in the onion family, but quite different!
Sweet Potatoes – Tastier and less boring than mashed potatoes
Turnips – another alternative to mashed potatoes
Rhubarb – has a lovely color!

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Save on Seasonal Produce in January

Posted on Monday, December 31st, 2012 at 7:00 am
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The best time to save money on your grocery bill is to focus on buying the produce that is in season. This is when you will find the freshest foods at the lowest price that you will see them all year. Sometimes, being frugal is all about the timing!

Fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious and nutritious. There are good reasons why the price reduction happens when the produce is in season. There is potential that at least some of the in-season foods came from local farmers.

Foods that are out of season where you live have to be transported to the grocery store from a distance away. They may have been stored in refrigerators from the time the food was picked or harvested until it was placed on the shelf at the store. Consumers end up paying for the cost of storage and shipping.

Here’s a quick list of produce that is in season – and on sale – in January. Some of it overlaps with the foods that were in season during December, but there are some new additions as well. Print out this list and take it with you to the grocery store. It can help you save money!

Apples – awesome for school lunches
Clementine – another lunch time favorite
Grapefruit – great for a quick breakfast
Kiwi fruit – a nice change of pace from apples and oranges
Lemons – time to make some lemonade!
Oranges – Also a good time to make some fresh orange juice for breakfast
Passion fruit – for many, this will be something new to try
Pears – yet another healthy lunch time snack
Pineapple – goes great in stir fry with rice!
Pomegranate – extremely healthy
Satsumas – another variety of orange
Tangerines – hurray for citrus fruits!

Turnips – try some with potatoes!
Swede – sort of like a turnip
Spinach – a healthy addition to your salad
Rhubarb – now is your chance to make a rhubarb pie
Potatoes – Everybody loves potatoes!
Parsnips – kind of like a carrot, but sweeter
Leeks – try this instead of an onion
Kale – a favorite of juicers
Jerusalem artichoke – something new to try
Chicory – try some with your coffee
Celery – great with peanut butter
Celeriac – sort of like a turnip
Cauliflower – is nice with cheese
Carrots – great for a health snack at lunch time
Brussels sprouts – you either love them or you hate them
Beetroot – another one people either love or hate

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Save on Seasonal Produce in December

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 at 7:00 am
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You can save money if you buy produce when it is on sale. Here's a list of fruits and vegetables that are in season in December.Lots of people search for ways to save money on groceries. One way to do that is with coupons. The problem, though, is that most of the coupons are for packaged, processed, foods. Did you know that produce is cheaper to buy when it is in season than when it is not? You can save money if you know when to purchase certain types of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are wonderful! They are healthy choices for snacks and they can be used in a variety of tasty meals. Produce that is in season is going to be cheaper than that same food will be when it is out of season. This is because when foods are out of season you end up paying for the usual price plus the cost of transporting it to the grocery store. Local produce, on the other hand, doesn’t have to travel as far to get to the store. It is also easily accessible from your local farmers’ market.

December Produce

Here is a quick list of produce that is in season – and on sale – in December. Print this out and bring it with you when you go grocery shopping this month.

Apples – Great for a healthy school lunch snack
Lemons – A key ingredient for Lemon Bars
Oranges – Cut them into slices, and you have another healthy school lunch snack
Passion Fruit

Belgian Endive
Bok Choy
Broccoli – Add some chicken and make a stir fry
Brussels Sprouts
Cabbage – Saute chopped cabbage with bacon for a tasty and healthy meal
Carrots – Also makes a healthy school lunch snack
Cauliflower – Mash these into some mashed potatoes and picky eaters will never know!
Celery – Add some peanut butter and raisins, and you have “Ants on a Log”
Collard Greens
Mushrooms – Add this to the stir fry with the chicken and broccoli
Mustard Greens
Onions – There are so many different meals that require chopped onions!
Potatoes – Who doesn’t love potatoes?
Sweet Potatoes – Make them into sweet potato fries
Swiss Chard – A favorite food of people who use juicers to make healthy drinks
Winter Squash – Spaghetti Squash can be made into a gluten free alternative to noodles

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3 Rules for Shopping Seasonally

Posted on Sunday, January 15th, 2012 at 8:42 am
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You don't have to have a big budget when it comes to clothes shopping. You just have to know how to shop reasonably!Despite the often intimidating clothing price tags, you don’t need a big budget when it comes to shopping for clothes. You just have to shop reasonably, or as I like to say, shop seasonably!

How to Shop Seasonally

Rule #1: Stock Up Post-Season

The most important rule to shopping seasonably is not to underestimate the importance of stocking up on clothes at the end of each season. However, keep in mind that clothing seasons don’t always adhere to calendar seasons or weather conditions. This can make pinpointing sales a little tricky. For example, although it might still be cold and blustery outside, January is a good time to start looking for winter clearance sales. Stock up on things like coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves, and boots because before you know it summer styles will be taking over the racks!

Rule #2: Stay Ahead of the Game

When shopping for season clearance sales, it’s a good idea to stay one step ahead of the seasons. It’s easy to miss end-of-season clothing sales because they often occur before the next season has begun. So, don’t linger too long in the mindset of winter because summer styles won’t wait, and once they come out the winter clearance will disappear quick.

Rule #3: Never Pay Full Price

Another fundamental rule to shopping seasonably is to never shop for clothes at the beginning of the season. By that I mean, don’t shop for summer styles when they first come out. Wait a few months for the end of season clearance. As I mentioned, end of season sales usually happen before the weather changes. So, you can save money and still have time to wear your new clothes before next year! I know how tempting the new styles can be, but trust me, a little patience will save you a lot of money!

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How to Get the Best Deals in February

Posted on Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 at 11:07 am
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The month of February gives frugal shoppers a lot of opportunity for saving money. There will be sales on holiday related items, seasonal clothing, mattresses, and more! Most of these deals will only last for a limited time.

Super Bowl Sunday

February 2, 2020, is Super Bowl Sunday. Are you planning to host a party? Save money by cutting up fresh vegetables instead of buy pre-packaged ones. Consider making chili, a dish that can serve several people at once. Ask guests to bring their own beverages. Avoid ordering pizza. The pizza delivery places will be bogged down with orders on Super Bowl Sunday, and your guests may end up waiting a long time for their food.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 14 is Valentine’s Day. Some stores will start to put out their Valentine’s Day candies, cards, and gifts at the end of January. For the best deal, wait as long as you can before making those kinds of purchases. The price will drop as you get closer to the holiday. In general, stores will deeply discount their Valentine’s Day items on February 15 – if not on Valentine’s Day itself.

Buy some Valentine’s day cards for your loved ones (such as your parents, siblings, children, spouse, or partner). Store it away until next year. Don’t buy more chocolate than you and your family can reasonably expect to eat in a short span of time. Avoid buying boxed Valentine’s Day cards for your kids to hand out next year. Many schools have stopped having Valentine’s Day parties.

President’s Day Sales

President’s Day is on the third Monday in February, and is part of a three-day weekend. Mattresses typically go on sale that weekend. You may also find furniture sales, sales on winter clothing, TVs, and more. Check the sales papers and the store websites before shopping.

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The Best Things to Buy in May

Posted on Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 at 7:00 am
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May is an in-between month when it comes to shopping. It is too early for graduation parties, summer vacations, and most weddings. It is too late for sales on gardening tools and gym memberships. Here are some of the best things to buy in May.


It is recommended that you replace your mattress after 5 to 10 years. Consider replacing it every 5 to 7 years if you don’t sleep well.

May is an excellent month to throw out your old mattress and get a new one. Manufacturers are clearing out their existing stock of mattresses to make room for the new models. You can get a great deal if you buy a mattress in May.

Linens and Bedding

Sales on sheets, pillowcases, and duvets start in May. It is a great time to replace the worn out ones you are currently using with brand new ones. Look for coupons from stores that have a bedding section. You may find those coupons in your mailbox, in your newspaper, or on the store’s website.

Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day is often a three-day weekend. This inspires stores to have sales on things that they need to clear out. Memorial Day sales often include discounts on vacuums, TVs, and mattresses.

You can also find Memorial Day sales on raincoats and boots, umbrellas, and spring jackets. These items are often on clearance in May because the weather changes and there may be less need for rain gear.

Seasonal Produce

The U.S Department of Agriculture has a list of produce that is in-season in Spring. Use some of these in your meal planning in May!

The list includes: apples, apricots, asparagus, avocados, bananas, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, collard greens, garlic, kale, kiwifruit, lemons, lettuce, limes, mushrooms, onions, peas, pineapples, radishes, rhubarb, spinach, strawberries, Swiss chard, and turnips.

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