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Healthy Bodies Need Some Fat

Posted on Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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fat in our daily dietIt seems like the dieting trends focus on one type of food – and emphasize how bad it is for people’s health. Over the years, we have been told to avoid sugar, carbs, and fat. It turns out that not all fats are equal and healthy bodies need some fat.

Why Do Our Bodies Need Fat?

Fat helps your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins (like A, D, E, and K). Vitamin A helps your bones and teeth grow, and helps moisturize your skin end eyes. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. Vitamin E has antioxidant qualities. Vitamin K maintains bone health and helps blood clotting.

Fat also helps brain development. It cushions the organs in your body and protects them from injury and trauma. It helps you to maintain your body temperature.

Not all fats are the same, though. Some are better for the body than others. Here is a quick look at the different kinds of fat found in foods.

Saturated fat comes from animal sources like meat and dairy. Certain plants, like coconut and palm, and their oils, are high in saturated fat. It is advisable to eat less saturated fat because it raises LDL cholesterol, a risk factor in heart disease.

Trans Fat are made synthetically by taking liquid saturated fat and blasting it with hydrogen. Doing so adds to the shelf life of the fat and makes it easier to cook with. Trans fats are found in many food products because manufacturers like how long it lasts before it goes bad. Trans fat is even worse for your body than saturated fat is.

Monounsaturated fat (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fat (PUFA) are found in high-fat plant based foods (like avocados, nuts, seeds, and olives). They are also found in fatty fish (like tuna, salmon, and mackerel). This is a healthy type of fat for people to consume.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 technically are polyunsaturated fats. Our bodies cannot produce omega-6 or omega-3 on their own. The only way to get them is to consume them. Omega-3 and omega-6 is essential for developing our vision and nervous systems. Omega-3 is found in fatty fish. Omega-6 can be found in soybean, safflower and corn oil.

Fat helps people to feel full and to maintain a steady blood sugar. One of the problems people face when they cut out all fat is they end up feeling hungry. This could lead them to eat more than they should be eating. That’s counterproductive for people who are trying to lose weight.

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Wegmans Glitch Resulted In Extra Coupon Emails

Posted on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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WegmansA serious couponer’s wildest dream might be to have tons of digital coupons sent to their email from their favorite grocery store. Imagine the savings if you could use all those coupons in one trip! This event actually happened to some customers of Wegmans. It wasn’t what they were expecting.

Wegmans Food Markets introduced digital coupons last year. The program was designed to be easy to use, to help people save money, and to give people a better shopping experience.

The Wegmans digital coupon program did not require customers to have a smartphone. Customers could use their mobile device or their desktop computer to clip coupons digitally directly to their Shoppers Club account. Customers could browse coupons online. It appears that Wegmans sent out email to Shoppers Club account holders to alert them when new coupons were available.

Recently, a glitch in the Wegmans’ system sent duplicate emails to Wegmans Shoppers Club members. It wasn’t just a few emails, either. Some customers found that their inboxes had been filled with email from Wegmans. One customer posted on Twitter that she got 13 duplicate emails from Wegmans.

At first glance, this situation might sound like a couponer’s dream come true. Who doesn’t want lots and lots of easily accessible coupons? Unfortunately, the reality of what happened wasn’t quite what some people may have thought it would be. People wouldn’t actually be able to receive, and use, all those multiple digital coupons.

The verified Twitter account of Wegmans Food Markets apologized for the mistake. Their tweet said: “We’re excited about digital coupons, but that’s not why we sent so many emails to some customers. It was a system glitch and we apologize.” It was nice of them to let customers know what happened and to explain why the customers may have gotten way too many emails from Wegmans in their inboxes.

This strange situation is a good example of why couponers need to pay attention to things. If a coupon offer looks too good to be true, it probably is. Wegmans didn’t intend to send out so many emails about their digital coupons. It was an honest mistake.

It is important to use critical thinking when you are emailed an offer about coupons. If something looks “off” – be wary. Don’t click on any links in emails that seem questionable. When in doubt, check the Twitter account of the store that sent the email. There could be some useful information there about what happened!

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Ways to Save Money This Spring

Posted on Monday, April 10th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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Try these savings tips before the summer comes and it gets too hot to spend time outdoors.Spring brings warmer weather and makes people want to go outside and enjoy it. It also brings opportunities to save some money (that were not possible during the snowy, cold, winter). Try these savings tips before the summer comes and it gets too hot to spend time outdoors.

How to Save This Spring

Use Cash Instead of Credit
The warm spring weather makes a walk to the nearest ATM feel like less of a chore than it would have if the snow were still on the ground. Start your next shopping trip at the ATM. Pull out only what you think you will need. Leave your credit cards at home.

Making yourself use cash to pay for things forces you to be money-conscious. It often makes people question if the price of an item is really worth it. Do you actually need the thing you are considering buying? You might discover that your shopping decisions are more economical when you use cash.

Using your credit card is easy, but it comes with a price. If you aren’t able to pay off the entire balance of your credit card this month – you will get hit with an interest rate charge. This doesn’t happen when you use cash.

Walk Instead of Drive
When the weather is freezing cold, and the snow is deep, it is easy to see why people need to drive everywhere they go. Spring weather gives you the opportunity to take a walk instead. Consider walking to the restaurant that is just a few blocks away instead of driving to it.

Walking has several advantages. It leaves the gas in your vehicle’s tank for a little longer. The more often you walk, the less often you have to spend money filling up the tank. You won’t have to pay for parking if you walk. Walking can be great exercise!

Drop Your Gym Membership
Be honest, how many times have you used the gym membership you purchased in January? Most people have given up on their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight by the time spring hits. If you aren’t using it – you should cancel your membership. Save the money for something else.

You can get some exercise for free by talking walks, or going for a run. Make use of the bike paths where you live. The weather will soon be warm enough for you to get some exercise by swimming.

Avoid Takeout
Ordering takeout from local restaurants is easy. It can also be expensive! Meanwhile, the groceries you purchased sit in the refrigerator and go bad. Spring is a good time to get out the grill and make a tasty dinner for less money than it would cost to get takeout.

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How to Pick a Healthy Cereal

Posted on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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Finding a healthy cereal at the grocery store can be difficult. These tips will teach you how to pick a healthy cereal.It has been said that starting your day with breakfast is good for you. A bowl of cereal is a common breakfast selection – in part because it is quick and easy. Finding a healthy cereal at the grocery store can be difficult. These tips will teach you how to pick a healthy cereal.

How to Choose a Healthy Cereal

Read the Nutrition Label

Some cereals will have the word “healthy” on the front of the box. The word “healthy” on a package of food doesn’t have a specific meaning and is not regulated. You have to read the nutrition label to find out if a cereal is healthy or not.

How many servings of cereal are in the box? Check the serving size. Compare that to the amount of calories in each serving. Read the list of ingredients. They are listed in order of amount. A cereal with wheat or oats as the first item listed is probably healthier than one that has sugar at the top of the list.

Whole Grains are Good

Whole grains are good because they don’t go through the processing that removes the healthy part of the grain. Whole grains contain vitamins and minerals. The fiber in whole grains helps people to feel full. Check the nutrition label on the cereal box. Ideally, you want to choose a cereal that has 100 percent whole grain listed as its first ingredient.

Compare Brands

Before you buy your favorite type of cereal, take a moment to compare brands. There are several versions of puffed rice cereal, or wheat cereal, or raisin bran cereal. You might discover that the store brand version has the exact same ingredients as the name brand one. Typically, the store brands cost less than the name brands.

More importantly, you might discover a healthier version of the cereal that you enjoy. Look for one with less than 8 grams of sugar.  Find out if there is one with whole grains. Pick the cereal that has less than 3 grams of fat.

Add Some Fruit

People who have been eating large bowls of cereal in the morning might be eating more than one serving size. When they switch to the actual recommend serving size, they might not feel full. One healthy way to solve that problem is to add some fruit to the cereal.

Cut up a fresh banana for your cereal. Or, add some blueberries. Doing this gives you some fiber (which can help people feel full). It’s also an easy way to get one serving of fruit into your day.

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“Coupon Fairy” Can Never Use Coupons .com Again

Posted on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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Find out why the "Coupon Fairy" can never use Coupons .com again.Couponers love because it provides plenty of coupons for their favorite brands. It is a safe, legitimate, source of coupons. What would you do without One woman is finding that out after being banned for life from the popular coupon website.

Coupons in the News reported about a lawsuit that was filed by Quotient Technology (owner of against a “Coupon Fairy” who was not using in the way it was intended. That lawsuit has come to a settlement. The name of the “Coupon Fairy” has not been fully released, but Quotient Technology has that information.

A “Coupon Fairy” is a person who engages in coupon fraud. The person prints out more coupons than they are allowed to and attempts to sell them to other couponers. In short, the “Coupon Fairies” are making money off of coupons that people are generally able to get for free.

This particular “Coupon Fairy” got caught because of a post she made on Facebook. She used her Facebook account, with her real name on it, to post about where people could find her on Instagram. She was using her Instagram account to sell coupons. It appears that this is how Quotient Technology was able to put a name with the IP address that was using incorrectly.

The settlement between Quotient Technology requires the “Coupon Fairy” to destroy all coupons that were still in her possession. She also has to “perpetually cease and desist from selling, giving away, or otherwise transferring coupons obtained through any site in the Quotient Promotions Network for her own commercial purposes and/or personal gain.”

The “Coupon Fairy” provided Quotient Technology with a copy of the computer program that she used to get around’s print limits. She also had to tell Quotient Technology where she got that computer program from.

A little over a year ago, disabled the zip code changing function on their website. This change irritated some couponers who liked to put in different zip codes in order to obtain coupons that were not for the area that they lived in.

It is impossible to say if that change was what caused the “Coupon Fairy” to use in a way that it was not intended to be used. Sadly, her actions, (and those of other “Coupon Fairies) are going to cause coupons to become more scarce. A manufacturer stops accepting coupons after the print limit has been hit. This means people who legitimately obtained the coupons might not be able to use them because the scammers brought multiple copies of the coupon to the grocery store first!

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Don’t Miss Out on Tax Day Freebies!

Posted on Monday, April 3rd, 2017 at 3:02 pm
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Here are some of the stores and restaurants that will be giving away tax day freebies on April 18, 2017.Most people dislike having to pay their taxes. The process can be tedious, confusing, and stressful. Perhaps it will be more tolerable if you treat yourself with a Tax Day freebie. Here are some of the stores and restaurants that will be giving away freebies on April 18, 2017.

Great American Cookies

For the fifth year in a row, Great American Cookies is continuing its annual Tax Day tradition by offering a free Birthday Cake Cookie to customers who stop by participating Great American Cookies stores on Tuesday, April 18. This is their way of celebrating the end of tax season and the lead-up to the brand’s 40th birthday celebration in June.

California Tortilla

California Tortilla is offering free chips and queso with any purchase on Tuesday, April 18. To get this freebie, you must use the password “Tax Crunch” while ordering at California Tortilla.

National Parks

It just so happens that some of the National Parks Free Days occur right around tax day. You can visit any National Park for free on April 15-16. The next National Parks Free Days will be April 22-23.

Kona Ice

NBC News reported that Kona Ice will have trucks parked at post offices, tax preparers and business nationwide handing out free cups of tropical shaved ice and Hawaiian leis to weary tax filers. You can find a Kona Ice truck location near you by tweeting your zip code @KonaIce.


Hydromassage and Planet Fitness will be doing their 9th annual “Free HydroMassages for Tax Week”. It will take place April 15-22, 2017. To obtain this freebie, you need to look at the map of the Hydromassage website, find the location nearest you, and give that location a call to schedule your massage. Make sure to print out the coupon from the Hydromassage website and take it with you.


Kids eat for free at Denny’s on Tuesdays from 4:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 at night. Tax Day is on a Tuesday this year. The Denny’s freebie isn’t being done specifically for Tax Day, but it happens to fall on Tax Day in 2017. Make sure to call your local Denny’s before you go to make sure they are participating in this offer.

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Enter to Win $100 Visa Gift Card from HP #HPSpringSale

Posted on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 12:36 pm
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Enter now to win a $100 Visa Gift Card, courtesy of HP!

Who could use some extra money? We all could, right? Enter HERE now to win a$100 Visa gift card, courtesy of HP!


  • Thursday, March 23rd at 12:00 AM ET to Saturday, March 25th at 11:59 PM ET.
  • Five (5) winners will receive a $100 Visa gift card, courtesy of HP.
  • Users enter the giveaway by heading to the HP merchant page on and submitting their email address on the form on the page.
  • The winners will be chosen through a lottery drawing and notified on Tuesday (3/28) via the email address they used to enter.
  • See complete Official Rules for entry instructions, full prize descriptions, restrictions and other important details.

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Giveaway: Win $100 to Spend at #BLDSpringForward

Posted on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 at 4:34 pm
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Do you love home improvement and creating a beautiful home? This is for you! We're running a $1,000 gift code giveaway

Do you love home improvement and creating a beautiful home? This is for you! We’re running a $1,000 gift code giveaway. 10 winners will win a $100 Gift Code! Enter HERE!


Tuesday, March 21st at 12:00 AM ET to Thursday, March 23rd at 11:59 PM ET.
Ten (10) winners will receive a $100 gift code.
Users enter the giveaway by heading to the merchant page on and submitting their email address on the form on the page.
The winners will be chosen through a lottery drawing and notified on Tuesday (3/28) via the email address they used to enter.
See complete Official Rules for entry instructions, full prize descriptions, restrictions and other important details.

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What You Should Know About a Recent Gluten Free Diet Study

Posted on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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DeLallo PastaThere are two kinds of people who eat a gluten-free diet. In one group, there are people who are doing it because they have celiac disease or an allergy or intolerance to foods that contain gluten. In the other group, are people who chose a gluten-free diet because they think it will make them lose weight. A recent study about gluten-free diets is going around the internet, but is being presented in a misleading way.

A person who has been diagnosed with celiac disease must avoid consuming gluten. Their doctor will recommend these people eat a gluten-free diet because it is the only form of treatment for celiac disease. Gluten will actually cause damage to the intestines of a person who has celiac disease.

Other people, who have been diagnosed with an allergy to wheat, rye and/or barley, will also hear their doctor recommend that they stay away from gluten. The same is so for those with a diagnosed gluten intolerance.

Other people choose a gluten-free diet because they believe it will help them to lose weight. This group doesn’t have to avoid gluten. (Their bodies can safely process it.) Typically, if you visit a doctor and ask for advice on how to lose weight – the doctor is going to suggest getting more exercise and avoiding sugar (not gluten.)

A study done by researchers from the University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Michigan, and Dartmouth University is being passed around the internet. Unfortunately, some people are presenting the results of that study in a misleading way.

You may have heard that a gluten-free diet results in increased levels of arsenic and mercury – two toxic metals that can lead to cardiovascular disease, neurological problems, cancer, and other health problems. What isn’t being emphasized is that the result came from a relatively small sample size of people who ate a gluten-free diet.

The study includes 7,471 participants in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Of those people, only 73 reported being on a gluten-free diet. Tests of urine and blood found that arsenic levels were almost twice as high in the gluten-free group compared with the much larger group that ate gluten. The same tests found mercury levels were higher in the gluten-free group.

There are two things you need to understand about these results. One, more studies need to be done before we can conclude that a gluten-free diet poses a significant health risk. Two, there is speculation that the health risks have to do with the amount of rice that people who eat gluten-free are consuming – but this has not yet been proven.

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Texas Applebee’s Locations Will Take All Coupons in March

Posted on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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Some Applebee's locations in Texas are participating in a wild promotional offer during the month of March. They are accepting all kinds of coupons.Some Applebee’s locations in Texas are participating in a wild promotional offer during the month of March. They are accepting all kinds of coupons at certain locations. Will that offer influence you to take your family to Applebee’s in March of 2017?

Applebee’s locations in Texas are participating in a unique offer.  They are allowing customers to redeem any and all gift cards, gift certificates and coupons at their restaurants.

It appears that this unique offer is only good at the Texas Applebee’s locations – not in any other states. You can benefit from this promotion in 67 Applebee’s locations in Texas, including DFW, Houston, Austin, Waco, East Texas, and surrounding locations.

Apple Texas franchises 67 Applebee’s locations in Texas. It announced that it will honor all gift cards, expired or not, from any business through March 31, 2017. In addition, it will also accept coupons (including expired ones), and gift certificates, from any store. The promotion is not limited to coupons and gift cards from other restaurants, such as Olive Garden. They are have accepted coupons from Lowe’s and Kohl’s Cash.

To be more specific, the Applebee’s offer is for up to 50% off of food purchases with any paper/plastic/printed coupon or gift card. The offer may not be combined with any other Applebee’s discounted offers and may not be applied to alcohol. Guests are encouraged to call their local Applebee’s with any questions they may have.

If you happen to live near one of the Applebee’s locations that are participating in this unique offer, it may be worth it to dine there sometime in March. It is an opportunity to use up a great coupon that expired before you could take it to the grocery store. Did you get a gift card for Christmas from a store you never shop at? Take that gift card to Applebee’s and turn it into a meal.

CBS Austin compiled the following list of Austin-area Applebee’s that are participating:

  • 6315 S Interstate Highway 35, Austin
  • 5010 West Highway 290, Austin
  • 7522 N I-35 Service Rd S, Austin
  • 501 US Hwy. 290 West, Brenham
  • 11013 Lakeline Mall Drive, Cedar Park
  • 350 S Interstate Highway 35, Georgetown
  • 2700 Parker Rd Ste A, Round Rock
  • 103 Carlos G Parker Blvd NW, Taylor

Why would the Applebee’s locations in Texas make this offer? The reason is because it might generate sales. People who have never been to Applebee’s before may decide to give it a try – now that they can get a nice discount on their food. Other people, who used to dine at Applebee’s, and have since stopped, might come in again.

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