How to Save - Part 102
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How to Save

Black Friday Shopping – Team Up, Strategize, and Enjoy!

Posted on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at 12:41 pm
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So just how DO you survive Black Friday, let alone get the bargains that caused you to leave your comfortable bed in the wee hours of the morning?

Have a strategy.  Plan to survive.  Plan to win.  Plan. Plan.  Plan.

First, check the stores online and the circulars in your local paper.  See what deals appeal to you most.  Remember, when an item is available in limited quantities, it will go very quickly.  Plan what store you will hit first – and know where the merchandise is in that store.  Have your coupons organized, and use credit or debit cards that offer some kind of rebate.  Be ready with a backup strategy for shopping if the top item on your list is in short supply.

Sometimes it is good to divide and conquer – several members of a family can divide up, with one at each store. Or decide which store is most important to shop first, and spread your team out!  No matter how early the doors open, be there as far ahead as you can.  If a large store opens at 4 or 5 am, you need to be standing in line no later than an hour before opening if you want to score the most limited deal.

Yes, the lines really do stretch all the way around the store and down the parking lot to the highway.  So dress warm, and carry cell phones and bottled water. Plan which items you will be looking for first.  Once the doors open, it will be a rush, so you really have to know where you are going.   If they ran out of cameras at one store, your cousin at another store might be able to score the item.

If you are shopping alone, just focus on the items you are after.  Don’t get caught up in the initial confusion and rush.  Know where you are going and work the store.  If you have young children with you,  make the occasion a sleepy but happy one, with time for treats, potty breaks, and fun. Yes, even children are part of Black Friday –  in strollers and slings and wraps, or riding in the basket.  Of course, Santa’s helpers will have to be discreet!

Above all, be of good cheer!  Don’t be pushy, rude, argumentative.  Stand firm in the line, and develop a friendly rapport with the other shoppers.  People often swap tips, but beware of rumors that might mislead you or throw you off track.  Courtesy goes a long way with bargain shoppers.

The nicest part of Black Friday is coming home with great bargains, making leftover turkey sandwiches, and then setting up the computer for Cyber Monday – and all the incredible online sales that will take place daily and hourly from Thanksgiving eve through Monday.

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Black Friday or Cyber Monday? When to Get the Best Deals

Posted on Monday, November 24th, 2008 at 12:37 pm
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two days out of the year when we all scramble to get those great deals. But I have a little secret for you. The best deals may be had on neither of these two days. Let me explain why.

Traditionally, since the 1960s, the day after Thanksgiving is is known as “Black Friday,” the first official start to holiday shopping. Retailers provide great door buster deals at amazing prices on the hottest items. On “Cyber Monday,” that is the Monday after Black Friday, online shopping websites post their hottest deals.

But times have changed.

Cyber Monday came about when broadband connections to the Internet were rare in homes. Bargain hunters waited until they got back to work on Monday to use their work computers to get the best online shopping deals, and thus Cyber Monday was born.

Today, having a speedy Internet connection is more common. Online retailers recognize that shoppers can go online at any time to do their shopping, so they post their advanced deals on…da da da..Thanksgiving! You don’t want to miss out.

So while the turkey is in the oven, while the casseroles are being cleared from the table, or while the rest of the family is napping on the couch, sneak over to the computer and check out some really great deals. You may have your holiday shopping completed before anyone can say “turkey sandwich.”

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Grocery Shopping Secrets: Stockpiling

Posted on Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 at 11:50 am
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Let me ask you a question. Would you rather pay $4.99 every time you needed a jar of peanut butter or only $1.69? Well, now I know the answer is obvious, but many people usually pay that first higher price. Of course, if a coupon or sale is available, they can take advantage of it, but that is only once in a while as the opportunity presents itself.  So, once in a while they get a deal, but most of the time they pay more than they need to on grocery shopping.

Well, let me share a little grocery shopping secret with you, so you can always pay that lower price with no exception. They secret is to stockpile your own supply to last you until that next great opportunity.

Stockpiling isn’t as extreme as it might seem. We are not talking about having an entire bunker full of peanut butter, but having a pantry or a shelf that can accommodate a few jars will save you in the long run.

When you spot a great coupon, gather enough of them to purchase as many of the product as you will comfortably use before it expires or you get sick of it. This will vary according to your household. Then when you run out of a jar, you can simply go and “shop” for another one right in your pantry.

Stockpiling is a great technique to use in combination with shopping for loss leaders.

Come visit my blog again. I’ll be share more grocery secrets, such as how to combine coupons and sales.

Oh and here are two more things to leave you with…

We have some free grocery coupons for you. Just click here: Free Grocery Coupons

Do you need a kitchen pantry, shelving or stockpile storage? Check out some of the current deals on products for the home.

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Grocery Shopping Secrets: Loss Leaders

Posted on Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 9:40 am
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Loss Leaders

Did you know that you can save anywhere from 30-90 percent off of your groceries just by employing some tried and true grocery shopping secrets? Don’t be left behind. Make your food budget stretch as far as possible. Here is one the ways that you can save.

Shop the loss leaders

Grocery stores advertise sales for products with full knowledge that they will lose money on the deal. They do this to bring you into the store where you will spend lots of money on other things. They give you a little to get a lot of return. But you know what? You can use this marketing technique to your advantage. How? Read below.

Before you go shopping, take a look at the sales papers for your stores. You probably receive these papers in the mail, but they can also be found in your Sunday paper or online through the grocery store’s website.

Now, concentrate on the outside pages. The best deals, the loss leaders will appear mostly on that front page. There may also be some loss leaders on the back page and on that first internal page, but the front page is where you want to concentrate your grocery shopping.

Take advantage of items on that page that you need and stock up as appropriate. Later, I’ll tell you how to combine those loss leader items with coupons to get the biggest savings (sometimes you can even get your groceries for free!).

Don’t forget to check out all of the Grocery Coupons that are available for free.

Psssst! Check back later today. I’ll have a bonus post that tells you how to get some great deals with coupons at two major grocery stores!

And don’t forget to click on the Editor’s Blog at the top to review past posts, including great coupon codes.

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