Kids Bowl Free 2013

Kids Bowl Free 2013

Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 at 10:38 am
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Kids Bowl FreeStarting to think about summer? Here is a fun activity that will keep your kids busy for free! Register for the Kids Bowl Free program and they can play 2 free games of bowling every day all summer long! This freebie is valued at over $500 and you can get it free!

3 Responses to Kids Bowl Free 2013

  1. Sarah Breidenstine says:

    Can we bowl at any bowling ally.

  2. June Metta says:

    what is the age limit for kids and is it any bowling ally ???

    • Editor says:

      Hi June,
      The following link includes information on which centers are participating in each state:

      Once you’ve found your preferred bowling alley, click on the link for more information on the age limit for the deal. Each bowling alley determines the age cut-off individually.

      Good luck!

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